SAP Ariba Network® Now Live!

Dominion Energy is pleased to announce the launch of our Ariba Network to further streamline and integrate our procurement processes. We have partnered with SAP Ariba® to launch online supplier registration and our digital procurement platform fulfilling our vision of moving away from paper and manually transmitted documents.

Accounts Payable Overview

couple doing finances on laptop

Dominion Energy is committed to having the best possible customer service. To enhance our customer service we provide you with several ways to obtain information online - from Tax ID Forms and Direct Pay Permits to invoice look up.

Most of Dominion Energy’s invoices are processed by Corporate Disbursements, a centralized department located in Richmond, Virginia, except for the following Dominion Energy companies process their own invoices:

  • Dominion Energy West Virginia
  • Dominion Energy Transmission

All other accounts payable services are provided by Corporate Disbursements in Richmond, VA. For Accounts Payable group contact numbers, view our Accounts Payable Contact Information.

Would you like your payment even faster?

Dominion Energy offers a number of options to help you get paid faster, as well as reducing paper and processing costs:

  • Complete the Portal Invitation Request form to enroll in our invoicing and payment portal. It's completely free to all suppliers.
  • If you are able to accept MasterCard, our “Single Use Account” also helps you get paid faster. Just complete and return the Portal Invitation Request.