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As part of Dominion Energy's commitment to providing customers with renewable energy options, we now offer two ways for our residential customers to go solar: with our Rooftop Solar and Community Solar programs.

See our Solar Programs Comparison Chart for more information, including eligibility and costs. Please note that Dominion Energy South Carolina electric customers may participate in either our Rooftop or Community Solar programs, but not both.

Rooftop Solar

Net metering illustration

Work in consultation with an independent solar installer to apply to participate in our Rooftop Solar program. Once you've been approved, purchase or lease rooftop panels from the installer for interconnection to the Dominion power grid.

We offer several rate and billing structures to suit your particular needs:

  • Net Energy Metering: For every kWh of energy generated by their system, the customer offsets their current month's energy usage and any excess energy is carried forward to the next billing period to offset future usage.
  • Offset/Sell: The customer offsets usage at retail and then receives Small Power Production, Cogeneration Rate for any excess generation.
  • Offset Only: The customer offsets usage at retail. No credit is received for excessive energy sent back to grid.
  • Buy All/Sell All: The customer purchases energy under the current rate and sells all generation to utility at the Small Power Production, Cogeneration Rate.
Learn More About Our Rooftop Solar Program

Community Solar

Community solar illustration

Purchase or subscribe to rent panels in an offsite solar array (solar farm) to support the use and development of renewable energy without the commitment of installing solar panels at your home.

Bill credits are issued to the customer for the power produced, providing the same financial benefits as Rooftop Solar without the installation or maintenance. Community solar is available to Dominion Energy South Carolina electric customers through a partnership with Clean Energy Collective.

Program Highlights

  • Nothing installed on your roof or property
  • Dominion Energy SC handles all maintenance
  • Optimally sited for maximum power generation
  • 20-year contract with Clean Energy Collective on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Attractive pricing structure:
    • Purchase - Upfront cost of $2.25/watt; $0.10/kWh monthly bill credit
    • Subscribe - No upfront cost; $0.20/kW monthly fee; $0.01/kWh monthly credit

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