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Deciding to Go Solar

How to Find Solar Contractors

Always use a professional, licensed contractor to install your solar electric system. While Dominion Energy does not endorse or have any exclusive partnerships with contractors, here are some resources to consider:

farm house with solar panels
solar panel on residential roof

Buying vs. Leasing

There are several factors to consider when deciding whether to buy or lease your system.

  • Buying a renewable energy system from a contractor or manufacturer means paying for it up front or financing your purchase through a bank loan. Consult with your tax advisor, as federal and state tax credits may be available.
  • Leasing allows you to "rent" the renewable energy system for a set period of time. Generally, you pay a fixed monthly rate no matter how much energy the system produces each month, though this rate may escalate each year during the term of the lease. Because you do not own the system, federal and state tax credits may not be available - consult with your tax advisor to confirm.

For further information, please consult our Buying vs. Leasing Comparison Chart.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you purchase or lease your solar system by 5/31/2021, please note that the current Net Energy Metering tariff has been approved through 5/31/2029, after which date the cost structure for your customer generation will change.

Dominion Energy Equipment Requirements

Work with your chosen installer to ensure the following equipment is included with your system:

  1. AC Disconnect Switch must be:
    • Accessible to Dominion Energy personnel
    • Installed in close and visible proximity to the main meter
    • Must provide a visible air gap and be lockable in the off position
  2. Generation Metering must be:
    • Accessible to Dominion Energy personnel
    • Installed in close and visible proximity to the main meter

Dominion Energy requires 24/7 access to the disconnect switch and metering equipment for the duration of the interconnection to the Dominion power grid. Your meter(s) and the surrounding areas must be accessible, safe, and not blocked by plants or gates. Animals should be confined and kept away from the meter area. If your current equipment location does not provide adequate access, please contact us at 800-251-7234 to coordinate relocating your equipment.

The Application Process

The Application Process

To ensure a timely interconnection, complete and submit all required information before you move forward with your solar installation. If you decide to provide your installer access to our third-party Distributed Energy Resource management partner, PowerClerk, please note that all agreements are between you and Dominion Energy, and all documents will require your signature.

  1. Gather required information
    • Dominion Energy electric account number
    • Installer's name and contact information
    • Proof of property (liability) insurance ($100,000 or more per occurrence)
    • Download the Single-Line Diagram to document and photovoltaic (PV) system information, including inverter and array brands, models, and installation details. This PDF is also located in PowerClerk.
    • Access to additional technical resource documents.
    • W-9 Form
  2. Submit application via PowerClerk
  3. Pay your $100 Processing Fee. You can pay online via Bill Matrix ($3.50 convenience charge per transaction), or mail a check to:
    Dominion Energy - Renewable Energy Team
    220 Operation Way
    Cayce, SC 29033
    Mail Code: JSOL

If you have questions, email or call Dominion Energy at 866-660-3705.

Installation and Interconnection

Make Sure You Are Ready

Installing solar is a big decision. Make sure you have done your research by reviewing the information on this web page and consulting with a professional contractor.

solar rooftop
close up of man smiling in front of solar panels

Wait for Approval

Be sure that you wait for interconnection approval from Dominion Energy before purchasing or beginning installation.

The Installation Process

  1. Receive approval from Dominion Energy
    After you receive approval from Dominion Energy, move forward with your installation.
  2. Local Inspection
    After installation, contact your local inspection authority to have the system inspected. Once Dominion Energy receives the release from the local inspection authority, we will update the Certificate of Completion and a utility inspection will be performed.
  3. Utility Inspection
    Our inspection will verify that the system matches the paperwork submitted and meets all Dominion Energy requirements as specified above.
  4. Meters Installed
    Dominion Energy will install your main meter (bi-directional) and generation meter in the meter sockets you provide.
  5. Receive Approval to Energize from Dominion Energy
    After you receive approval from us, you may energize your system.
  6. Turn on your System
If you have any questions, email or call Dominion Energy at 866-660-3705.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deciding to Go Solar

Dominion Energy does not offer installation services or provide oversight of the installation process; however, we conduct a field inspection to ensure that the installation meets our requirements. Selecting an experienced solar contractor is one of the most important steps in the overall installation process.

A Consumer Guide to Solar for the South Carolina Homeowner is an excellent resource to help educate customers on the overall process for installing rooftop solar, including selecting a contractor. Also be aware of the factors you should consider in order to determine if solar is right for you.

Dominion Energy does not offer financing options or installation services for solar systems.

The costs associated with installing a rooftop solar array can vary widely depending on your home's specifications and which installer you choose to work with. See a general idea of potential costs by using the PVWatts calculator tool on the National Renewable Energy Laboratory website.

The Application Process

Customers can offset up to 100% of their electrical usage without exceeding 20 kW for residential customers and 1,000 kW for non-residential customers. Dominion Energy uses a customer's annual electric usage and a capacity factor of 1,531 to determine the amount of solar a customer can have.


Customer Usage

(365 Days * 24 hrs per day * Capacity Factor * DC/AC Conversion)


Annual Customer Usage - 10,717 kWh

10,717 / (365 * 24 * 0.1531 * 1.1) = 7.26

7.26 kW - Maximum System Size

After all required information is entered into PowerClerk, the following forms will be produced for your completion and digital signature: Interconnection Request Application, Solar Energy Program Application, and IRS W-9 Form. You must also upload Proof of Property (Liability) Insurance and a Single Line Diagram.

Renewable Energy customers who interconnect on or after January 1, 2015 are eligible to receive an annual bill credit if their solar generation exceeds their usage. The value of any bill credit/payment you receive could be treated as income. Consult with your tax advisor for more information.

You and your installer will both receive an auto-response email confirming receipt of your completed application forms and fee; we will then contact you both via email within 15 business days to notify you of the outcome of the technical review.

The South Carolina Interconnection Standard requires that customers “obtain and retain, for as long as the Generating Facility is interconnected with the Utility’s System, liability insurance which protects the Interconnection Customer from claims for bodily injury and/or property damage.” The Standard also prescribes the amount of liability coverage for residential and nonresidential customers based on the size of the Generating Facility.

We do not partner with solar installers or leasing companies to sell products or services to our customers. We provide interconnection services to our customers and work through solar installers (at the customer’s request) to help facilitate that process. Claims that Dominion Energy is working with solar installers to sell rooftop systems or leases are not true, and should be reported to the SC Office of Regulatory Staff or the SC Department of Consumer Affairs.

Installation and Interconnection

You can move forward with your solar installation only after you receive a signed interconnection agreement and approval letter from Dominion Energy.

It is important that you wait for approval from Dominion Energy to ensure that your system plans adhere to system requirements for the interconnection process.

There are many variables that may impact how long it will take to install your solar system; however, timing will largely be dependent on your contractor’s schedule and availability. Typically speaking, it takes about 3 days to actually install solar panels; however, the overall process may take 3 to 6 months.

The standard meter cannot differentiate between incoming and outgoing energy. Without the bi-directional meter, you could be charged for outgoing energy your solar panels generate that is sent back to Dominion Energy.

The South Carolina Generator Interconnection Procedures (SCGIP), requires Dominion Energy SC to maintain a reserve circuit phase capacity on each circuit for projects ≤ 20 kW. The intent is to prevent larger projects from taking all the capacity and blocking out smaller projects. If you receive this message, your project is on a phase circuit that has reached/exceeded the ≤ 20 kW reserved capacity. This means that ≤ 20 kW interconnection application process can no longer be used and your project will have to follow the ">20 kW SCGIP Fast Track Process", which involves further review by Dominion Energy SC to ensure the system will not affect the safety and reliability on that circuit.

You can resubmit your project for consideration, at which point it will be reviewed to determine if it can be connected to the Dominion Energy grid.

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