Renewable Generation

wind farm producing renewable energy

What is renewable energy?

According to the Energy Information Administration, renewable energy comes from sources that are naturally replenished. These energy sources, also called “clean energy” or “green power”, are virtually endless. Dominion Energy uses renewable resources such as solar, wind, hydroelectric and biomass to produce energy.

Leveraging clean, renewable resources

The development of renewable energy is a priority for Dominion Energy. We currently generate 2,600 MW of clean energy in ten different states. When fully operational, our combined resources can supply power to 650,000 typical households at peak output.

Impact on our customers

We don't profit based on what fuels are used to supply energy to our customers but we support increasing these clean energy sources in order to diversify our energy grid. A varied energy grid will ensure steady rates for our consumers, which is a top priority.

Renewable energy standards

Dominion Energy has committed to meeting renewable energy goals and standards set by policymakers in Virginia and North Carolina. With our 2.5 million electric customers in mind, we have two specific and measurable goals:

  1. Achieve 15% renewable power by 2025 (Virginia)
  2. Achieve 12.5% renewable power by 2021 (North Carolina)

Dominion Energy supports these standards through existing renewable resources, developing new renewable energy, and purchasing renewable energy certificates.

Long-Term Dominion Energy Forecast