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For more than a century, Dominion Energy has called downtown Richmond home. Over that time, we have contributed tens of millions of dollars and countless volunteer hours supporting economic development, community vitality, education and more. We have also been innovators in the transportation sector.

In 1888, Dominion Energy’s electric streetcar system was the nation’s first – and it was built in downtown Richmond. While transportation has changed since then, our passion for it has not.

In October 2022, Dominion Energy announced a new transportation initiative in downtown Richmond that would also be the nation’s first: a clean energy park. With this proposed project, we will be bringing the first publicly available Level-3 fast-chargers that can fully charge vehicles in as little as 10-15 minutes, solar power and urban wind turbines.

Located on the former site of One James River Plaza, our clean energy park blends innovation, renewable energy resources and public spaces into one exciting city block. About two-thirds of the block will be dedicated to pedestrian walkways and green space that will be available for community events. The remaining one-third of the block will house utility and storage equipment, the fast-chargers and paved area for charging electric vehicles. Conveniently located off I-64, I-95 and the downtown Expressway, the clean energy park will be easily accessible by commuters, tourists staying at a downtown hotel, and travelers passing through the City.

With almost 2,000 employees in Richmond, we are committed to working with the City to enhance the quality of life for all residents by reducing our own emissions and the emissions in other industries, too.

Proposed Schematic

Park Render Preview

Concept Photos


  • Q1 - Q4 2022 - Design Process
  • Q4 2022 - Regulatory and Permitting Processes with the City *
  • Early / Mid 2023 - Regulatory and Permitting Decisions by the City*
  • Late 2023 - Start Project Construction*
  • Q1 2023 - State Corporation Commission review
  • Q1 2024 - Project Complete*

*Milestones may vary pending processes and conditions.

Questions & Answers

This proposal brings together two of our key priorities, sustainability and innovation, to create a clean energy, zero emissions park in the central business district. By partnering with our communities, neighbors and other stakeholders, we can reduce emissions while shining a spotlight on the latest and greatest EV charging technologies coming to market.

This clean energy, zero emissions hub in the central business district would feature:

  • Electric vehicle fast chargers (level 3 chargers)
  • A solar canopy
  • Public green space and walking paths
  • Space for small community events – capable of supporting food trucks or farmers markets
  • Clean energy educational displays
  • The potential to accommodate an urban battery storage facility
  • The potential to accommodate urban wind turbines

The clean energy park will feature green space, walking paths and educational signage throughout the park to allow the public to visit and learn more about our sustainable investments in energy and transportation, while creating an energetic atmosphere in an urban setting.

The wind turbines used will be designed for the urban environment – including aesthetics. They will likely be spiral vertical turbines that can be a talking point to educate the general public on wind energy and Dominion Energy’s project plans for Offshore Wind and the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

The entire site will be a public use demonstration project to showcase clean transportation and clean energy solutions

The site will incorporate two restricted areas:

  • Enclosure 1 which will be a Utility and Charging Infrastructure Storage Area. This area will likely have decorative fencing to enable education into the assets that go behind the scenes of charging and clean energy infrastructure while providing security around these assets and protecting the public from energized equipment. Landscape screening elements are also being considered in conjunction with the fencing.
  • Enclosure 2 which is the proposed Battery Energy Storage System space. This area is proposed to have engineered screen walls on three of the sides that will act as safety barriers from vehicular traffic within Cary and 8th streets. These walls will also serve as protection for pedestrian traffic, restricting access to energized equipment. The fourth side facing the pathway is planned to be a decorative fence to enable education for the public on Battery Energy Storage Systems. This enclosure will incorporate significant safety measures that include these active measures but also include cameras to monitor this enclosure.

The site will be open to electric vehicle owners who wish to charge their vehicles using the charging stations. The general public must be charging a vehicle to park. Measures to prevent non-charging vehicles from parking in a charging spot will be in place and may include towing.

The plan is to make the park available 24/7 and provide adequate lighting throughout the area.

Dominion Energy, through the unregulated affiliate, will install the “EV make-ready” infrastructure for the chargers at the site and then lease the charging spaces to Electric Vehicle Service Providers “EVSPs”, who will operate and maintain their own equipment. It is our goal to display several different EV charging technologies across 28-29 direct-current, fast-charging dispensers at the site to enhance adoption and education of these technologies and networks.

The current project provides for 28-29 EV charging spaces.

Charging time will be dependent on the vehicle make, model, and charging equipment used, but the site will feature level 3 fast chargers. The dispensers will be capable of delivering charging speeds up to 350kW, which could provide over 200 miles of charge in as little as 15 minutes.

The price of EV Charging will be set by the Electric Vehicle Service Provider that is operating the EV Charging Station used. Currently, a typical market competitive price for EV Fast Charging ranges from $0.25/kWh to $0.45/kWh, or approximately $10 for 100 miles of range added.

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