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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if we do nothing?

To do nothing puts residents, businesses and local government at risk of unreliable service. The existing transmission line is a primary source of electric power to approximately 19,000 customers and the Northern Neck area, meaning any failure on the existing river crossing facilities and its only contingency would result in a loss of electric service to that area.

I’m a NNEC member. How does a Dominion Energy transmission project benefit me?

Due to the interconnected nature of the electric transmission grid, all Northern Neck Electric Cooperative (NNEC) customers rely on Dominion Energy's transmission infrastructure to deliver reliable power.

Dominion Energy's electric transmission lines feed power to Dominion Energy and NNEC distribution lines, both of which serve the Northern Neck. The transmission line for this project ultimately serves approximately 13,200 Dominion Energy and 5,800 NNEC customers.

Does this line need Virginia SCC review and approval?

Yes. The SCC ruled on December 11, 2015 that they are requiring Dominion Energy to submit an application for Commission review as this project has been deemed be outside the ordinary extension or improvement in the usual course of doing business provision of the Virginia Code. The full docket related to this ruling can be found on the SCC’s website by searching for case number: PUE-2015-00109.

Will Dominion Energy repair damage due to construction?

Yes. The company, at its expense, will repair any private roads damaged by Dominion Energy or its contractors during construction of the line or during future maintenance. In addition, we will reimburse property owners for crop damage and repair or replace fences or gates if they are damaged.

What will the environmental impacts of construction be?

Our application before the SCC includes a routing study that reviews the environmental impacts, among others, of the project.

As part of the Virginia Marine and Corps permitting process, Dominion Energy completed an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural, and historical impacts of this project. Dominion Energy works with many local and state agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. The company also submits annual Erosion and Sedimentation (E&S) Control Specifications and an anticipated list of transmission line projects for the construction and maintenance of transmission lines to the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality for review and approval. Our contractors receive copies of the E&S specifications and any additional permit conditions prior to construction and are directed to meet all requirements.

For additional information on our commitment to responsible stewardship of natural resources, environmental management and performance, view our Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Report. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy.

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