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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can residents and business owners in the community become involved in this process?

The project team worked with the local community to develop our route recommendation to the Virginia State Corporation Commission. Through two open houses held in Sept. 2017 and one held in Oct. 2019, the public met with our subject matter experts to learn details on the project. As we begin various components of the proposed project, it is important that we not only keep you informed, but we hear your feedback. We invite you to follow the progress of each phase and receive up-to-date project information, including allowable work hours, on our new and interactive web portal.

In addition, you may also contact us and add your address and email to our distribution list.

Will Dominion Energy propose putting this line underground or overhead?

The new transmission line is being developed in a heavily populated, urban area. The decision to propose an underground line was influenced by space limitations and the potential to require a large amount of new right-of-way which would pose significant impacts on residences, wetlands, parks, and conservation easements.

Why would Dominion Energy consider pursuing an overhead line in such a densely populated area?

The Virginia State Corporation Commission Guidelines of Minimum Requirements for Transmission Line Applications Filed Under Virginia Code Section 56-46.1 and The Utility Facilities Act require the Company to provide routing information on viable alternatives. Our legal interpretation of these guidelines, combined with decades of regulatory precedent, confirm that analysis of a viable overhead route must be included in the application if one exists.

Did Dominion Energy consider any other locations to end the new line besides the Tysons Substation?

Locations Considered

What will be the environmental impact of construction of the line?

As part of our regulatory applications, Dominion Energy completes an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural, and historical impacts of the project. Dominion Energy works with local and state agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. All required permits are obtained and permitting conditions are met. Permitting agencies typically include the US.

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