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Overview & Project Description

The Fudge Hollow-Low Moor 138 kV line was originally built in the 1920s. With regular maintenance on the structures and related components, we have been able to extend the life of the line. However, recent inspections have shown deterioration due to corrosion and thinning of steel members on many of the current structures.

Although well maintained, it has come time to replace many of the structures and associated components to maintain reliability for the nearly 9,700 customers served by Dominion Energy and BARC and Craig-Botetourt electric cooperatives. This partial rebuild project will involve replacing 38 lattice-type structures.

To address the aging infrastructure, new H-frame and monopole structures will be installed in place of the current structures. The new brown, weathering-steel H-frame structures, which stand at a lower average height than the existing lattice structures, will be installed along the rural section of the line in Alleghany County. In the city of Covington, we plan to replace the lattice structures with steel monopoles that stand slightly taller than the existing structures.

Existing Transmission Corridor Conditions

  • Project area is ~5.3 miles long
  • Right of way width is variable from 100 to 185 feet wide
  • Average lattice structure height is 85 feet tall


  • Spring 2021 - Target date for project completion (dependent on obtaining permits and approvals)
  • April 23, 2019 - SCC Final Order issued approving the project
  • August 27, 2018 - Filed SCC application
  • Aug. 7, 2018 - Community open house
  • July 2018 - Project open house postcard and advertisement released to the community
  • May 29, 2018 - Project announcement postcard sent to the community

SCC Applications

The State Corporation Commission (SCC) is responsible for verifying the need, determining the route and reviewing the environmental impact of certain transmission lines in Virginia. Documents related to the case are available to the public on the SCC Docket Search section of the SCC website, in the "Search Cases" section - Case Number PUR-2018-00139. In addition, interested parties may comment directly to the SCC by sending an email to

To learn more about this process, view our SCC process map.

Application Documents

At Dominion Energy, we are committed to continually reviewing and analyzing our energy infrastructure to provide the most safe and reliable electric service to our neighbors. An aging 5.3-mile portion of a 7.3 mile transmission line corridor – running from our Fudge Hollow Substation to our Low Moor Substation in Alleghany County and the city of Covington, Virginia – is old and needs to be replaced to maintain reliability.


  • January 2021 - Line construction on Phase 2 from Covington-Low Moor is nearly finished with completion anticipated in February 2021. Right of way restoration on both phases will continue into Spring 2021.
  • April 2021 – Restoration is over halfway complete. 

Project Goals

  • Replaces the structures consistent with current electrical and safety standards
  • Uses H-frame and monopole structures to replace existing lattice structures
  • Creates no new right of way and limits additional tree clearing
  • Uses structures that are comparable in height on average to the existing structures
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