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Rapid growth in electrical demand, particularly in the commercial/high-tech sector in eastern Loudoun County has resulted in the need to build a new double circuit transmission line and switching station.

At Dominion Energy, we are committed to reviewing and analyzing our energy infrastructure and doing this work safely to provide reliable electric service.

Evergreen mills project map


Later this year, Dominion Energy plans to file an application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity with the Virginia State Corporation Commission.

Project Goals

  • Provide long-term reliability and durability without excessive maintenance
  • Deliver operational system flexibility to meet future needs
  • Comply with mandatory standards to ensure safety and reliability

Overview & Project Description

For this project, we will build new electrical equipment on private property located in eastern Loudoun County. This equipment will support the construction of a data center. In addition, we will build transmission lines to bring electricity to both the switching station and data center.

Four new transmission lines are estimated to be about a half-mile long and if approved, will connect the transmission lines near Loudoun County Parkway to the new electrical equipment near Evergreen Mills Road.

The project will include the installation of 14 new steel structures and the replacement of an existing steel pole. The 14 new structures consist of 11 monopoles with  an average height of approximately 115 feet (ranging in height between 100’-130’), 2 H-frame structures (55’ height), and 13-pole structure (35’ height)  all of which will be in the existing and proposed 160 foot right of way corridor.

SCC Applications

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) has regulatory authority over all energy providers in Virginia and requires certification for all transmission lines out of the ordinary course of doing business or are at or above 138 kV. Among other responsibilities, the SCC validates the need for a proposed line and approves the route and structures. In reviewing a proposed project, the SCC must consider whether potential impacts on scenic assets, historic districts and the environment have been reasonably minimized.

To learn more about this process, please view our SCC application review process.

Application Documents

Procedural Schedule

The following key dates and developments are related to the SCC review timeline. For the most up-to-date and full listing of motions, rulings and other related documents, please refer to the SCC docket for this case.

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