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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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As a result of continued economic growth in the area and a related demand for increased energy needs, we need to replace 7.5 miles of conductor, or wire, on an existing transmission line, with a new, stronger material capable of carrying a higher amount of electric current, or ampacity. This will strengthen system reliability and service. Because this new wire is made of different, heavier material than the existing one, we must also replace the structures that support the conductor.

The portion of the 230 kilovolt (kV) line to be rebuilt runs from just outside our Cannon Branch substation, south of Nokesville Road in Prince William County, through the City of Manassas, and terminates at our Clifton substation near Clifton Creek Drive in Fairfax County.

This is a partial rebuild of what will be a full transmission line running from our Clifton substation to our Winters Branch substation in Prince William County, near Prince William Parkway. Please visit our Cannon Branch-Winters Branch project page  for additional information on a new build of transmission line between those stations.

Virtual Community Meeting

Wednesday, November 2

Missed the meeting? View the recording.

View updated visual simulations (updated as of March 2023).

Use our interactive map tool and enter your address to see where you live in relation to this transmission line rebuild project. This tool will show you existing structure type, proposed structure type, and associated differences.


  • Maintains current right of way 
  • New structures located in the same general location as existing structures
  • Complies with mandatory standards to ensure safety, reliability and to meet future needs

Timeline (View Full Timeline)

  • Announced project and began public engagement: September 2022
  • Hosted a virtual community meeting: November 2, 2022
  • Filed application with the SCC: March 31, 2023 

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Service Interruption

Your electric service is not expected to be impacted by this project.


There may be some traffic delays.


Noise levels will be moderate; permits will be sought.


This project may have limited environmental impacts.


Access to surrounding neighborhoods may be impacted.

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