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The approximately 6-mile section of electric transmission line has been in operation since 1953 and is reaching its end of service life. Rebuilding this line will allow us to continue providing reliable service to the area.


February 2021

  • Project announced to public

June–November 2021

  • Permitting

November 2021

  • Site access begins

February 2022

  • Construction begins

November 2022

  • Anticipated project in-service date
  • Restoration of right of way will continue into the spring of 2023
Chesapeake Energy Center to Great Bridge project map


  • Maintains current right of way
  • New structures located in the same general location as existing structures
  • Complies with mandatory standards to ensure safety, reliability and to meet future needs
  • Minimizes impact to the community and environment
  • Replaces aging infrastructure

Project Outcome

Line currently uses wooden H-frame structures.
Rebuilt line will use weathering steel H-frame structures.


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Dominion Energy has more than 6,700 miles of overhead transmission lines. The proposed project seeks to replace existing overhead structures with new overhead structures within the existing right of way. In doing so, the line will be rebuilt to current safety and industry standards.
The existing line is built on wooden H-frame structures. The line will be rebuilt primarily using brown, weathering steel H-frame structures. The average height of the existing H-frame structures is approximately 58 feet; the average height of the new H-frame structures is 71 feet.
Dominion Energy completes an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural and historical impacts of the project. We will work with local, state and federal agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. Permitting agencies on transmission line projects typically include the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and the Virginia Department of Transportation. Commenting agencies include the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, among others. Our enterprise-wide environmental report describes our commitment to the responsible stewardship of natural resources and provides a wealth of information on environmental management and performance. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy and our Greenhouse Gas Report.
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