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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this project needed?

Due to recent growth and future development on the horizon in Stafford County, there is a need for new electric transmission infrastructure investments to maintain grid reliability. This new infrastructure will allow us to meet the growing energy needs, continue reliable electric service, and maintain compliance with federal reliability standards.

2. What are the next steps I should be aware of?

Our project team will focus on public outreach in spring and summer 2024 to ensure all interested community members are aware of the project and have an opportunity to share feedback with our team as we continue the planning process. We intend to file an application with the SCC in fall 2024.

3. Who has oversight and approval over this project?

The SCC is the regulatory body with jurisdiction over transmission lines at or above 138 kilovolts (kV). Since this project is proposing to build a new double circuit 230 kV transmission line, it meets the criteria to be reviewed by the SCC. Dominion Energy intends to file an application in early fall 2024.

Although the SCC is the primary agency reviewing and ultimately approving the project, there may be additional permits needed from local, state, and federal agencies.

4. Does my feedback matter and how can I share it with Dominion Energy?

We want to hear your feedback. The purpose of our public engagement is to share, listen and learn from our community members. The SCC also considers public input in its review process. There are multiple ways to share your feedback with our team:

5. I’m unable to attend the open house meetings. Are there other opportunities for a meeting?

Interested community members are welcome to request a separate meeting with our team. Whether you have a scheduling conflict during the community meeting dates, would like to discuss your property specifically, or would like to continue a discussion with our team following a community meeting, we are available for additional meetings by request.

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