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At Dominion Energy, we are dedicated to finding the best solution for long-term energy needs within the communities we serve. It has become necessary to address an aging electric transmission line, which has been in operation for more than five decades, between our Carson substation and Reams substation, located along an existing corridor in Dinwiddie County, Virginia. The rebuild will bring facilities up to current reliability and safety standards.

The 230 kilovolt (kV) line is approximately 1 mile in length and current proposed design requires no new permanent right of way to rebuild to current electrical safety and electrical requirements.

Timeline & Maps

May 2021

June 2021

July 2021

August 19, 2021

  • Filed application with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC)

Community Engagement

At Dominion Energy, we are committed to keeping our neighbors informed about energy needs where they live and work.

As the project develops, we will:

Continue outreach by communicating with legislators, nearby property owners and other identified stakeholders

Host a virtual community meeting to answer questions from residents and area businesses

Provide ongoing communications through informational materials, mailings, email updates and a project website

SCC Approval Process

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) is responsible for verifying the need, determining the route and reviewing the environmental impact of certain transmission lines in Virginia.

Documents related to the case are made available to the public on the SCC Docket Search section of the SCC web site, in the "Search Cases" section (enter case number PUR-2021-00194 ). In addition, interested parties may also comment directly to the SCC by sending an email to

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a virtual community meeting event in July 2021 where the public can hear from subject matter experts to learn details on the project. In addition, the Transmission Application Process Chart outlines how the public can become involved in the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) approval process. You can also contact us to add your mailing address and email address to our distribution list.

Dominion Energy has more than 6,700 miles of overhead transmission lines. The proposed project seeks to replace existing overhead structures with new overhead structures within the existing right of way. In doing so, the line will be rebuilt to current safety and industry standards.

As part of the regulatory application process, Dominion Energy completes an evaluation of potential environmental, cultural and historical impacts of the project. Dominion Energy works with local, state and federal agencies to complete these evaluations and mitigate any impacts. All required permits are obtained and permitting conditions are met. Permitting agencies typically include the Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation, the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and the Virginia Department of Transportation. Commenting agencies include the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries and the Virginia Department of Historic Resources, among others.

Our enterprise-wide environmental report describes our commitment to the responsible stewardship of natural resources and provides a wealth of information on environmental management and performance. We also invite you to read our Corporate Environmental Policy and our Greenhouse Gas Report.

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