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Transmission Line Workers


This approximately 17.7-mile overhead electric transmission line was originally constructed on wooden H-frame and steel lattice structures. We are rebuilding the entire 115 kV line and parts of the double-circuit 230 kV line in the existing easement using structures similar in appearance and height. All replacement structures will be constructed of brown, weathering steel; new single-circuit structures will be H-frames, and new double-circuit structures will be monopoles. No new right of way is needed.


  • Maintains current right of way.
  • New structures located in the same general location as existing structures.
  • Complies with mandatory standards to ensure safety, reliability and to meet future needs.
  • Minimizes impact to the community and environment.
  • Replaces aging infrastructure.


  • November – December 2023 – Preconstruction activities, including access road building and right of way clearing.
  • January 2024 – December 2025 – Single-circuit line work from Carolina to South Justice Branch
    • April – June 2024 – Double-circuit line work in Roanoke Rapids
    • September – November 2024 – Double-circuit line work at the I-95 crossing near Exit 168.

Restoration activities will occur into 2026 after construction ends. We are planning to rebuild a neighboring 230 kV single-circuit electric transmission line between Hornertown Substation and Hathaway Substation in 2025-2026 and will update neighbors as we prepare for project construction.

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Project Outcome

Corten Monopole

The double-circuit replacement structures are brown, weathering steel monopoles.

Original Average Height: 115 feet. New Average Height: 120 feet.

White Proposed Tangent

The single-circuit replacement structures are brown, weathering steel H-frames.

Original Average Height: 60 feet. New Average Height: 70 feet.

Most replacements look similar and will be located close to the original structures.

* This rendering is for illustrative purposes only and is not intended for detailed engineering purposes. Actual structure heights and types may vary.

Construction-Related Impacts

Service Interruption

Your electric service is not expected to be impacted by this project.


There may be some traffic delays.


Noise levels will be moderate; permits are in place.

Construction Times

Daylight Hours

Most work will be completed during daylight hours, up to seven days a week.


This project will not have environmental impacts.


Access to surrounding neighborhoods will not be impacted.

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