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Frequently Asked Questions

A substation is a facility that changes voltage from high to low or from low to high, among other important functions. When electric transmission lines enter a substation, the voltage is lowered using transformers. The lower voltage electricity is delivered to customers using electric distribution lines.

The Bristers Substation expansion makes room for new equipment to support reliability in Fauquier County. The addition of a transformer and associated equipment will double the capacity at the substation, allowing power to continue flowing through the area and into customers’ homes and businesses if an unexpected loss of service affects other Dominion Energy assets. As energy demand continues to rise, the additional capacity provided by this new equipment will also be increasingly important to support daily customer needs.

Dominion Energy intended to expand the existing substation directly adjacent to the current footprint. However, to mitigate impacts to wetlands on the property where Bristers Substation is located, the expanded portion will include a separate footprint surrounded by a security fence. This solution helps protect the environment while minimizing impact to neighbors.

The expansion will be named Anderson Branch Substation and work in tandem with the already existing Bristers Substation.

No, the acquisition of additional property is not necessary. Dominion Energy already owns all land needed for this project.

Expanding Bristers Substation is one of several solutions to address growing energy demand in the area. Ensuring that Fauquier County continues to receive safe and reliable electric service now, and in the future requires improvements across the system. No single improvement can meet these needs on its own but adding equipment to Bristers Substation is an important contribution.

Call us at 888-291-0190 or send an email to and ask to be added to our mailing distribution list.

This project is not expected to disrupt your electric service. If there are any planned temporary disruptions to your power supply, we will make every effort to notify you in advance of that work.

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