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Frequently Asked Questions

In coordination with NOVA Parks, temporary VDOT-approved detours are planned in late March 2023 when both W&OD Trail paved and gravel paths must close. Please visit our interactive detour map for dates and more information.

Dominion Energy is committed to safety. Our electric transmission line work is performed by professionals who climb or access the structures by bucket truck using coordinated safety protocols. The wire is very heavy and will slack near the ground during our reconductor work. While the wire is unenergized, there is the risk for induced voltage from the adjacent energized wire. Therefore, only permitted personnel wearing protective gear may enter the work zone. It is imperative that the public remain off both the paved and gravel trails when posted during our work. To ensure the safety of pedestrians and cyclists, security, flaggers, and spotters will be onsite, and signs will be posted at specific locations to notify trail users to follow detours.

Trail traffic may be temporarily stopped for 15-minute intervals, and trail users may be directed to use the gravel path. The gravel path may be closed at times. We are working to minimize trail impacts and will only pause traffic when necessary.

You may see our crews and contractors between our Beaumeade and Paragon Park substations along the W&OD Trail between March and April 2023. Please note we are also working on other projects along other sections of the W&OD Trail in 2023.

You can request your mailing address be added to our distribution list by calling 888-291-0190 or sending an email to

Economic and residential growth in Loudoun County, Virginia has resulted in increased electrical demand, particularly in the commercial and high-tech sectors. As such, upgraded electric transmission infrastructure is needed on this line to serve new development and maintain reliable and secure service to all residential and commercial customers in the area.

VEPCO (The Virginia Electric & Power Company), the company that is known today as Dominion Energy, did own the W&OD Trail property in the past when rail service operated. The old railroad ended passenger service in 1951 and the rail line was abandoned in 1968. VEPCO donated the property to NOVA Parks for public use in 1974. NOVA Parks transformed the old railroad into pedestrian/cycling paths. The W&OD Trail was completed in 1988 and remains under the management of NOVA Parks today. More about the history of the railroad that became the W&OD Trail. At Dominion Energy, we continue to maintain critical electric infrastructure along the trail, which means there are temporary impacts to trail use at times. We are committed to working safely and courteously and will restore the area once work is complete.

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