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Batna substation map

This new substation in Culpeper County, Virginia is needed to maintain reliable service for customers and address federal reliability standards.


  • TBA Fall 2021 – Virtual Community Meeting via Webex Events—More information coming soon.

Project Goals

  • Comply with mandatory standards to ensure safety and reliability
  • Minimize impacts to the local area and environment
  • Minimize rearrangement of existing electric transmission infrastructure


As part of our commitment to providing reliable electric service and complying with federal electric reliability criteria, we are building a new substation at the intersection of three existing transmission lines located near Blackjack Road and Batna Road in Stevensburg, Virginia.

This project will install essential equipment necessary for operating the grid, including switches that allow us to control the flow of energy. This location is optimal as it allows us to install the switching, protection, and control equipment with the least impact to existing infrastructure.


Electric transmission planning engineers conduct studies to evaluate scenarios where the loss of electric transmission assets would result in overloads or voltage drops on the grid. This project proactively addresses the issues identified in these studies to maintain federal reliability standards and strengthen grid resiliency.

Project Documents

Site Conditions

  • Existing agricultural field
  • Substation footprint is 500’ x 450’
  • Equipment inside substation is galvanized steel
  • Tallest structure inside substation is 95 feet
  • Substation will be surrounded by chain-link fence and screened with vegetation
    • Note: Screening plan will be coordinated to address electrical safety clearances and county standards


  • April 2021 – Begin coordination with county on Conditional Use Permit application
  • May 2021 – Begin community outreach
  • Summer/Fall 2021 – First virtual community meeting
  • Fall 2022 – Hold preconstruction meeting with community
  • December 2022–December 2023 – Substation construction
  • Spring 2024 – Complete restoration activities and install vegetation screening
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