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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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many two-story houses in a neighborhood

Grid Resiliency Program Overview

Most work will not require a major outage. When there is a need for an outage, you will be notified beforehand with the timeframe and a point of contact.

There will be instances where Dominion and its authorized contractors will need to access your property. This could be to inspect the meter on the outside of your house, or to work on our existing equipment like poles, transformers, or power lines. If there is ever a need to disturb or restore your property, you will be made well-aware in advance. You can always fill out the contact form on the website to get a speedy response regarding your questions and concerns.

Something to keep in mind: just because you have received a letter or postcard stating that your address will benefit from one of our programs, does not mean that your specific address will require work.

Dominion Energy will be conducting extensive research on our current Right-of-way agreements.

It is infrequent that new agreements are necessary. In the event that a new easement (right-of-way agreement) is needed, we will contact you directly to discuss. Something to keep I mind: most existing easements only cover overhead facilities. We often find that we may need an easement along the exact same path as the existing overhead, but specifically for new underground facilities to be installed.

Dominion Energy does not compensate for easements required to complete Grid Resiliency work. Where we have identified Grid Resiliency programs as important and beneficial, customers can signal their level of support by signing an easement. If we are unable to secure the necessary easements, we will look for other engineering solutions (other potentially viable routes) or move on to an equally important project.

Underground conversions are not within the scope of Grid Resiliency programs. To inquire as to whether or not your location is being considered for our Strategic Underground Program, please visit our SUP website and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Dominion Energy and its authorized contractors will be teaming up to accomplish Grid Resiliency work. Anytime there is an authorized contractor involved, they will have intentional and responsive Dominion Energy oversight personnel associated with them, and available to you – the valued customer. All of our contractors should have visible identification on their vehicles and persons showing them as authorized contractors of Dominion Energy.

There are higher demands and expectations for quality, affordable, highly reliable electric service more now than ever. Critical services and infrastructure, homeland security, medical facilities, public safety agencies, state and local governments, telecommunications, transportation, water treatment and pump facilities – they are all counting on us. Another vital resource powered by electricity is the internet, which drives commerce and everyday life.

Grid Resiliency's different programs are all aimed at meeting the needs and expectations of customers with a grid of the future – safe, reliable, consistent, and connected.

Mainfeeder Hardening Program (MFH)

A mainfeeder is the three-phase section of our power lines that distribute electrical power from substations to tap lines, which in turn, deliver power to individual customers. “Distribution feeder,” “feeder,” and “circuit” are industry terms that are used interchangeably.

Potential feeders that we will address have had at least 500 customers that experienced an average SAIDI (annual minutes without power) significantly worse (more than 2 minutes) than the rest of our customers. Engineers analyze this outage history, potential solutions, and use modeling tools to determine potential improvements and best approach for hardening those sections of line. After each project scope is reviewed and approved by our engineers, it is sent to the Program Manager for execution (design and construction).

As of November 30, 2023, over 250 miles on 44 different feeders have been completed as part of the Mainfeeder Hardening Program. After analyzing feeders that have been completed for at least 12 months, an average of 32% reduction in outage minutes was found on circuits that had been hardened.

There will still be outages during major storms. However, the success of this program ensures that our resources can be more efficiently deployed to lines that directly feed customers' homes (tap lines and service lines). Having resilient mainfeeder lines means less people out, for less time.

Voltage Island Mitigation Program (VIM)

Voltage Island outages are significantly longer than other outages on our system – this is because they have no alternative sources and lack the ability to ”tie“ with other circuits to “backfeed” customers from another substation. An outage affecting the substation equipment on a voltage island can be upwards for 24 hours long.

The Voltage Island Mitigation program should address 19 locations by the end of the program.

Voltage Optimization Program / Voltage Optimization Enablement (VO)

Voltage optimization is an energy efficiency program that is part of the Grid Transformation Plan approved by the SCC. Dominion Energy must operate the distribution grid in a manner that ensures the customer receives proper voltage as defined by the Company’s filed Terms and Conditions (114V to 126V). Smart meters provide real-time voltage readings allowing us to apply more precise voltage settings.

Our goal is to provide a systemwide average of 1% energy savings for our customers. This will help Dominion Energy meet the energy efficiency standards established in the Virginia Clean Economy Act.

Dominion will perform preliminary improvement work necessary to get the system ready to support the Voltage Optimization effort. To enable Voltage Optimization, engineers analyze historical smart meter data for customers outside of the desired, most efficient, voltage bandwidth. Once projects are identified, they are sent to contractors with Dominion Energy management and oversight to identify the issue, design the job, and complete any necessary construction. These solutions can range from upgrading secondary, adding transformers, or upgrading transformers, etc. (this portion of the program is often referred to as Voltage Optimization Enablement).

We are using contractors to design and construct much of this work. Our contractor partners will have vehicle markings identifying them as authorized contractors of Dominion Energy and they will carry Dominion Energy contractor badges. You will be notified if any improvements are planned in your area.

Dominion utilizes a software program that analyzes smart meter data. The program then relays information to equipment in our substations that applies precise voltage control settings that are still within the prescribed limit, achieving systemwide energy savings.

No. You will continue to receive the same quality, reliable electric service.

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