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Grid Resiliency and its programs are a part of Dominion Energy's Grid Transformation Plan.

We are transforming our grid to meet the changing landscape of the energy industry and to provide the reliable service that our customers expect and deserve.

Grid Infrastructure

Mainfeeder Hardening - The Mainfeeder Hardening program will improve reliability by focusing on physically strengthening Dominion Energy's infrastructure. Improvements include rebuilding, relocating, converting or undergrounding targeted mainlines to new, stronger design standards.

Voltage Island Mitigation - Voltage islands are when we have a substation with only a single-transformer. Dominion Energy plans to mitigate voltage islands by adding a second transformer and/or reconfiguring the grid architecture to provide the capacity to restore all customers in the event of a single transformer failure. Learn more about this program

Grid Technologies

Voltage Optimization Enablement - Voltage Optimization (VO) is an energy efficiency program. We take data collected from smart meters to deliver optimal voltage to our customers. This can lead to reduced energy consumption and in turn, cost savings. Learn more about VO.

Intelligent Grid Devices ("FLISR" - Fault Location, Isolation, and Restoration) - Intelligent Grid Devices are installed strategically on our system to understand and manage voltage and load data. These devices improve restoration times and hosting capacity analysis by increasing the amount of data and control available to our operators and engineers.

Dominion Energy is committed to delivering reliable electric service.

Identifying Main Feeder Hardening Projects

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Projects are selected based on a data-driven process that identifies circuits that have experienced an above-average number of outages over the last 5 years. Every completed project improves the overall reliability of the Company’s electric distribution system and reduces restoration time following a major storm event.

Main Feeder Hardening Benefits

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While outages may still occur, hardening the overhead main feeder lines on our distribution system that are most prone to outages will increase reliability overall.

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A faster restoration after a storm means that life returns to normal more quickly for homes and businesses across the area, decreasing the economic impact that major storms can have.

Wood Crossarm Before Hardening Image Armless Construction Before Hardening
New Heavier Class Poles After Hardening Image New Heavier Class Poles After Hardening Image

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If you have questions or comments about an ongoing Grid Resiliency project in your area, please contact us by sending an email to, filling out this form, or calling the Communications Coordinator at (757) 268-8518.

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