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In Virginia and West Virginia we are closing coal ash ponds at four facilities and retrofitting ash ponds at two of our facilities. We plan to meet or exceed state and federal laws and regulations, all of which are designed to protect communities and the environment.

We also have seven active landfills at six power stations in Virginia and West Virginia.

In South Carolina, we have one pond undergoing closure by removal, two active ponds and three landfills which meet the CCR regulatory requirements. Compliance coordinators conduct extensive groundwater monitoring at these facilities.

Virginia/West Virginia Facilities

Bremo Power Station

The station stopped burning coal to create electricity in 2014 when its two units were converted to natural gas. In 2018, those units were in an idle state and were permanently retired in March 2019.

Chesterfield Power Station

Coal ash was originally managed in the Lower and Upper Ponds where it was wet sluiced prior to settling out and managed in long term storage. The station underwent a number of waste water and environmental improvements in 2017, including a transition from wet sluicing coal ash to a dry ash management.

Chesapeake Energy Center

The station has one coal combustion residuals (CCR) surface impoundment that managed sluiced or wet CCR from the station as part of the wastewater treatment system. The station also has a landfill that accepted dry coal ash from the station for disposal.

Clover Power Station

Ash is collected in the facility’s air pollution equipment and transferred in a dry state to the onsite lined landfill. The landfill is constructed with a high density polyethylene liner. Two prior landfills reached their maximum storage capacity in April 2003 and were closed. It also has two sludge sedimentation basins used for settling wastewater solids that are being retrofitted with a CCR rule compliant liner.

Mount Storm Power Station

Ash is handled dry in silos and transported by truck to the onsite CCR landfill. The landfill is equipped with liners and leachate collection/treatment systems. The station has three CCR ponds that are used as station water treatment basins.

Possum Point Power Station

We started the process of closing four ponds in 2018 where ash has already been or will be removed from the ponds. The ponds will be closed in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations and once necessary permits are obtained. Groundwater monitoring and reporting will continue even after the ponds are closed.

Virginia City Hybrid Energy Center (VCHEC)

Ash is collected dry from the power station and moved by truck to the onsite Curley Hollow CCR landfill. The landfill has a synthetic liner and leachate collection/treatment systems.

Yorktown Power Station

Ash is loaded on trucks and hauled to the nearby CCR landfill. The landfill is equipped with a bottom liner and leachate collection/treatment systems. Over 60% of the landfill was closed in 2017. The remainder of the landfill will be permanently closed now that the coal units have been retired.

South Carolina Facilities

Cope Power Station

Wateree Power Station

Williams Power Station

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