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drone view of Chesterfield CCR

Overview & Project Description

Consistent with our core values, Dominion Energy is intensely focused on environmental protection and public safety as we begin our coal ash removal efforts.

Legislation passed during the 2019 Virginia General Assembly requires Dominion Energy to remove approximately 15 million cubic yards of coal ash currently stored in two coal ash ponds at Chesterfield Power Station within 15 years and directs the company to consult with Chesterfield County regarding a plan to address various transportation-related concerns, including fugitive dust. The coal ash must be recycled or placed in a lined landfill that meets Federal Coal Combustion Residuals (CCR) and Virginia CCR regulations.

The power station and coal ash ponds reside in close proximity to the County’s Henricus Historical Park, Dutch Gap Conservation Area, and the Dutch Gap Boat Launch, which attract about 500,000 visitors and 240,000 vehicles each year. Given this proximity and the legislation deadline, Dominion Energy and Chesterfield County entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on August 28, 2019, which was amended and finalized on December 16, 2020.

The MOU sets forth a plan to mitigate traffic impacts related to the removal of coal ash and to preserve access to adjacent recreational facilities, which includes:

  • A new boat landing
  • Construction of a new access and pedestrian bridge on Coyote Drive
  • Construction of a new stairway and trail improvements for access to Henricus Park
  • New Bridge-Access to Henricus Park

For more information on groundwater monitoring and data, visit Dominion Energy’s CCR Rule Compliance Data and Information page for groundwater monitoring results and closure plans.

For more information about this project, contact us at 833-742-0462 or at

  • MOU Agreement Date – Dec. 16, 2020
  • Transportation Plan Submittal – Dec. 16, 2020
  • SCC Filing on Chesterfield Coal Ash Cleanup Efforts – 2021
  • Local conditional use permit amendment, overseeing lower and upper coal facilities to allow safe closure of both sites – 1st Quarter, 2021.

Consistent with the company's core values, Dominion Energy is focused on the safety of personnel working on the project as well as the public.

Legislation passed during the 2019 Virginia General Assembly requires Dominion Energy to remove all coal ash currently stored in two ash ponds at Chesterfield Power Station within 15 years. The law also requires the development of a Transportation Plan to address various transportation-related concerns related to the closures of the coal ash ponds. Dominion Energy has worked closely with Chesterfield County to develop a Transportation Plan to avoid, minimize, and mitigate traffic impacts from coal ash removal activities.

In developing the Transportation Plan and as outlined in the agreed upon MOU with Chesterfield County that addresses transportation and access impacts, Dominion Energy and the County focused their evaluation on safety, environmental protection, local road use and traffic needs, noise control, dust mitigation, and preserving access to the important historic and recreational areas nearby the Chesterfield Power Station. Among other things, under the Transportation Plan, Dominion Energy and the County will:

  • Make public roadway improvements at the beginning of the project.
  • Ensure roadways are maintained to Virginia Department of Transportation standards for the duration of the trucking operations.
  • Follow all relevant federal, state, and local regulations on noise levels.
  • Employ accepted practices to mitigate and control dust.

The Transportation Plan lays out planned trucking routes and identifies impacted roads and intersections, as seen below.

transportation map for Chesterfield

As shown on the figure above, truck traffic is not anticipated and will not be permitted to travel along Coxendale Road west of Old Stage Road in the direction of the I-95 overpass, in accordance with Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) signage establishing the restriction. In total, five intersections involving public roadways will be impacted by the proposed hauling operation. These intersections are as follows, and are shown above:

  1. Dominion Entrance at Coxendale Road
  2. Coxendale Road at Old Stage Road
  3. Coxendale Road at Existing Lower Ash Pond Entrance and Beneficial Use facility
  4. Henricus Park Road at Coxendale Road
  5. Henricus Park Road at Proposed Lower Ash Pond Entrance

Although Dominion Energy’s Coal Ash Project will impact traffic on Coxendale and Henricus Park roads, access to recreational and historical areas will continue until new facilities are constructed by the County, as discussed in the Transportation Plan and MOU. The full Transportation Plan may be found in the Documents section on this page.

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