Power the Future


First place: My Dominion Energy

Complete smartphone app

  • Panth Doshi, sophomore, biomedical engineering
  • Brennan Chaloux, sophomore, biomedical engineering
  • Omar Karim, sophomore, biomedical engineering
  • Yashar Atajan, senior, computer science

Second place: Dominion Energy Candlelight and Torch

Smartphone app and battery prototype

  • Matthew Kozak, junior, computer engineering
  • Arthur Chadwick, junior, mechanical engineering
  • Stephen Holtz, junior, mechanical engineering
  • Tammi Chen, junior, mechanical engineering

Third place: Conscious Energy

Smartphone app

  • Ashkhan Hojati, master's student, biomedical engineering
  • Kranthi Bathula, recent biomedical engineering master graduate
  • Suraj Kandalam, recent biomedical engineering master graduate



The challenge

Power the Future is a unique 24-hour challenge where college students from all disciplines put their talents to the test to bring ideas to life.


From idea to solution

Teams will be briefed on a Dominion Energy-related scenario and will brainstorm, prototype, and present their innovative solution to a panel of industry experts.


Who can participate

College students from all disciplines are encouraged to register. There is a focus on developers/programmers, engineers, creatives, marketers, analysts and business development.


The incentive

In addition to the possibility of having your ideas brought to life, there will be a $4,000 cash prize awarded to the top team and additional prizes for second and third place teams.



After the challenge, Dominion Energy paid internships may be offered to select participants.


Partners - MLH Major League Hacking
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What is a hack-a-thon / design-a-thon?

Hackathons are often described as a mash-up of a science fair and a career fair with a little dash of a festival tossed in. In this case, college students of all academic backgrounds and skill levels come together to solve problems by using technology. Your solutions may have a positive impact on the future of Dominion Energy and they will be judged by professionals from our company.

Who is organizing Power The Future? 

Power The Future is being brought to you by Dominion Energy in collaboration with Virginia Commonwealth University.

When will Power The Future take place?

Power The Future 2018 takes place October 20th and 21st, 2018. The 36 hour event will follow the typical 'hackathon' format with check-in beginning Saturday morning and final prizes awarded Sunday afternoon.

Who can attend the Design-a-Thon?

Power The Future accepts all college students, regardless of their major or where you go to college.

How much does it cost?

Admission to the event, food, and swag is all FREE.

When will acceptances come out?

Acceptance letters will start going out in late August and continue up until we close off sign-ups on October 1st.

When can I apply?

You can apply now. If you have a TEAM you like to compete with, please ensure each team member also applies individually AND that you list their names in your application. That will help us link you together in the review process.

What can I win?

We have some pretty amazing prizes. The first place team will split $4,000 ($1,000 per team member). Second and Third place teams will receive 'techie' prizes. As the event gets a little closer we will spell those out once we see what the hot gadgets are this summer/fall. Also, participants who stand out (whether or not your team wins) may be offered paid internships at Dominion Energy or be encouraged to apply for a full time position. Recruiters will be on site to talk you at the event. There are lots of potential ways to win in Power The Future.

Can I have a team?

Yes. You can have up to 4 people on a team. We encourage a diverse team of skillsets but you can form your team however you want. If you don't have a team, don't let that discourage you from applying. We have time set aside, after opening ceremonies, to help you form teams.

But... I don't know how to code!?

Don't worry. First, there are things most college majors can bring to the challenges we will pose that can help a team win. While we are expecting a prototype to be created, there is absolutely a place for a diverse team of skillsets. In fact, we think a diverse team stands a strong chance of winning.

What should I bring?

While we are providing access to cool technology via an Innovation Lab and a Computer Lab, we encourage you to bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Specifically, we encourage you to bring your laptop, overnight gear, a water bottle, and a photo ID.

Is there schwag too?

Of course. There are T-Shirts and other items of cool schwag.

What About Food? 

Yes. We will feed you. In fact we are quite excited about the menu. There are some awesome local restaurants in Richmond and some stellar food trucks. We think you will enjoy the food at this event.

Are there any rules I should follow?

View the MLH code of conduct. We intend to follow those same rules at our event.

Will there be travel reimbursement?

There will not be travel reimbursement this year. We hope to incorporate that into future year's Power The Future events.

How can I or my company become a sponsor?

Currently Dominion Energy is funding the event. That said, we would be happy to talk to you more and see how your interests might align with the goals of the event and see if sponsorship may be possible.

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Feel free to email us with any questions at PowerTheFuture2018@gmail.com