Autonomous Electric Shuttle

Electric and autonomous vehicles will play a major role in a lower-emissions transportation future.


We're partnering with Fairfax County to deploy an electric, self-driving shuttle that will make a loop between the Dunn Loring Metro Station and the Mosaic District in Fairfax County. The shuttle will serve as a first and last mile connection, providing a convenient transit option for shoppers, visitors and businesses. The Relay shuttle will hold up to 12 passengers who can ride for free. It begins operation in late spring 2020! For more information, visit the Fairfax County website.


The electric shuttle produces  Zero emissions.


Reducing emissions

Cleaner Air and Zero Emissions

Electric public transportation reduces emissions, protecting the environment.

Autonomous vehicles take over critical safety tasks prone to human error.

Increased safety

Increased Safety

Human error cases 94 percent of car crashes, according to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.

Autonomous vehicles can reduce traffic accidents and make travel safer.

Safety on the roads

Last-mile transit is one of the first uses for the autonomous vehicle.

Greater convenience

Cleaner Air

Greater Convenience

The shuttle will connect the Dunn Loring Metro Station with the Mosaic District, providing an easy way for shoppers, visitors and workers to travel the last mile in their commute.

The world benefits from autonomous, electric shuttles

European cities already benefit from autonomous, electric shuttles.

If we can electrify transportation, we can substantially reduce carbon emissions in the United States.

Mark Webb
Senior Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer

Electric vehicles lead the way to cleaner air



Electric and self-driving vehicles will play an increasing role in transportation in the future. Riders on the Relay shuttle can be among the first to experience this innovative technology.