Customer needs are changing. Technology is changing. The market is changing.

Renewables, battery storage, smart homes, robotics, e-mobility, drones, and more are making our lives easier. 

We’re changing, too-- fostering innovation, creativity and development in our people and strategies to provide cleaner energy sources and strengthen our communities.

Dominion Energy and Silicon Valley’s Plug N Play are partnering to support startups from across the globe, powering innovation and bringing technology and energy choices closer, faster.

Our annual Innovation Expo showcases exciting technologies, gives employees a chance to show off their inner innovator, and brings together industry experts.

What will the home of the future look like? Intern-turned-employee helped develop a net-positive energy home that generates more power than it uses.

Dominion Energy Innovation Center

Dominion Energy Innovation Center in Ashland offers entrepreneurs access to teams and resources. The incubator has helped launch nearly 15 new companies that focused on cutting-edge electric motors and generators, a solar development and biotech.

Electric School Buses

Charging an Electric School Bus

Cleaner Air & Zero Emissions

Next year, we will partner with local Virginia school districts and begin replacing diesel buses with electric in phases, starting with 50, then adding 200 per year for the next 5 years. This initiative will benefit our environment, our communities, and our schools.

Autonomous Electric Shuttle Pilot

We support innovative projects that reduce carbon emissions and help our customers do the same.

We’re partnering with Fairfax County to test an autonomous electric shuttle in Virginia to learn more about autonomous technology and explore the benefits of the electrification of transportation here in the Commonwealth. For further project details view the Fairfax County Department of Transportation site.





Our Business for the Future

More than


in expanded energy-conservation programs over the next decade. Plus enhancements to the electric grid- including smart meters, intelligent grid devices and faster restoration times.

cog Greater Innovation

Crowdsourcing and sprint teams



Annual Investment in cleaner energy and a more robust delivery system



Of new solar and wind generation by 2022 (under development or in operation)

wind Offshore Wind Generation

New pilot Project