Clean Energy Future

Clean Energy Future

We believe a future powered by clean energy is worth reaching for.

You're doing your part to save energy.  We're doing ours to make it cleaner.
Our commitment to future generations inspires us every day.

We're reducing carbon emissions

Cutting Carbon Emissions

We've cut our carbon emissions in half. That's like taking 6 million cars off the road. And we're not stopping there. We've committed to reduce carbon emissions 80% by 2050 from 2005 levels.

Our future depends on the actions we take today.


Coastal wind turbines

Clean Energy from Wind

We're developing the largest offshore wind project in the U.S. -- which will produce enough energy to power 650,000 homes by 2026.

As a national leader in sustainable energy, we believe a cleaner world is within reach.


Actions Speak Louder.®   Find out more about Our Promise.