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In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

Choose Your State of Service

In order to serve you better, please select your Dominion Energy location services.

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Why are we doing this work?

  • It's more convenient for you to have your meter serviced or inspected when it's outside your home.
  • We're required to inspect meters regularly. With meters outside, we can provide convenient service without having to schedule an appointment disrupting your day.
  • Our service technicians will no longer need to enter your home for routine appointments such as a meter read or an inspection.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, it's safer for first responders to have access to your outside meter.
Worker Checking Outside Gas Meter

Prior to moving your meter:

  • You will receive a letter advising you of meter move dates in your area.
  • Dominion Energy employees or an authorized contractor will be onsite to talk with residents, answer questions, determine a location for the outside meter and schedule a day the work will take place.
  • Contractors will have a Dominion Energy ID badge that denotes them as a contractor working on our behalf.

On the day of the meter move:

  • Dominion Energy will complete a safety check on your lines, remove the natural gas meter from inside your home and move it outside to the new location.
  • We'll reconnect the gas meter to the existing gas piping, relight natural gas appliances, fine tune the adjustments and perform safety checks.

Frequently Asked Questions

The technician will make an appointment to discuss the project and the ideal location for an outside meter. Although Dominion Energy ultimately must approve the location of the meter, we'll consider your feedback and try to find an agreeable location during the appointment.

Depending on the new location of the meter, or if we need to replace the service line that runs from the mainline to the meter, it's possible the soil will be disturbed. Our work includes restoration of the property to its original appearance.

Currently, in most situations, moving meters to an outside location is voluntary. Inside meters will still need to be regularly inspected, which will require you to schedule an appointment to give us access. If we can't gain access to inspect your inside meter, gas service may be shut off until the inspection is completed. Relocating the meter outside will eliminate this inconvenience.

These costs are included in your rates, so there is no separate charge for the work.

Yes, customers will need to be home to have the meter moved. The technician will need to have access to the meter and all the natural gas appliances in the home. In the future, however, with an outside meter, you won't need to be home during regular meter inspections.

Dominion Energy Ohio or its contractor will schedule Move Meter program work in various neighborhoods throughout our service territory. We'll notify you in advance of when we anticipate preliminary work to start on your property. You'll also be notified prior to the start of construction in the form of a letter, a phone call and/or a door tag.

If we're working on your gas line, we'll need to turn off your service for a short period of time. Once work is completed, we'll test your gas lines, restore service, and relight your appliances if there is an adult 18 years of age or older present. If there isn't an adult present, we will leave a door tag asking you to call us to have your service restored when an adult is present.

We'll need access to the gas meter and at least a three-foot area cleared around the meter to do our work. If an onsite inspector schedules an appointment with you, please take whatever steps are necessary to remove any obstructions so that we can reach the meter. During the pandemic, Dominion Energy Ohio is taking extra precautions recommended by health professionals to further protect the health and safety of the communities we serve and our colleagues.

Yes. Our goal is to maintain a walkable sidewalk, driveway access, and an open lane of traffic always, including evenings and weekends. There may be brief periods of time when sidewalk or street access is blocked due to actual construction. At your request, equipment can be moved in a timely manner.

Temporary parking restrictions may be necessary in some areas and signs will be posted where parking is banned. Public safety and traffic flow are our top concerns.

Dominion Energy Ohio will do whatever it can to employ construction techniques that are intended to protect trees and preserve their health during the project. If damage does occur Dominion Energy Ohio will have the tree professionally removed to maintain a safe environment for residents for residents and the public. For the integrity of the new piping, trees cannot be replaced.

We'll enforce all Dominion Energy Ohio standards and operating procedures on this project along with all laws, regulations and ordinances.

Yes. All Dominion Energy underground utilities will be marked prior to the start of construction. We'll also contact the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (OUPS) and they'll notify other member utilities to mark the location of their underground pipes or wires. Please do not remove the flags and markers from the ground. If you have a pet containment system and/or a sprinkler system, it's your responsibility to mark the location of these systems.

Expenses for most pipeline upgrades are covered through an additional rider that is added to your monthly bills as part of the program's cost recovery approved by the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO). This rider may increase annually as the program progresses, upon review by the PUCO. Most customers will not experience any additional costs associated with this work. There are two possible exceptions:

  • Dominion Energy Ohio will cover the cost of necessary repairs or replacements to the service line (the piping that connects the mainline with the gas meter), unless the line must be repaired or replaced because of damage caused by the property owner, the customer, or another party.
  • For faulty gas lines running from the meter to the gas equipment, as well as faulty appliances or equipment, it is the responsibility of the property owner, landlord or customer to hire a qualified contractor to address the issue(s). For your safety, we will not turn on the gas service until the issue(s) are corrected. Any faulty gas appliances will be red-tagged, and it will be the property owner, landlord or customer's responsibility to have the appliance repaired.

Construction equipment, such as backhoes or boring equipment, will be used during construction and is necessary to install service lines. This space allows Dominion Energy Ohio the width necessary to lay, maintain and operate the pipelines in a safe construction zone.

Yes, please contact us at 888-619-0786 or email us at if you've added any appliances that significantly increase your natural gas usage (for example, a natural gas pool heater or generator).

The best information for specific questions can be obtained when Dominion Energy or its contractor is onsite at your home scheduling your meter move. You can also call our Pipeline Replacement Center at 800-544-5768.

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