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Dominion Energy North Carolina’s Non-Residential New Construction Program provides design recommendations and rebates to qualifying facility owners for installing energy efficient measures in new construction, addition, or extensive renovation projects.

Eligible building types include small and medium-sized offices, stand-alone retail shops, and outpatient health care facilities.

Energy efficient design choices can be made at the beginning of the project, which will save energy for years to come, avoiding costly retrofits later.

Participation offers businesses many benefits, including:

  • In-depth and customized analysis of new construction project during the design phase to provide recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades
  • Building energy simulation models to allow for “bundles” of measures to be tested for potential energy savings gains from interactive effects
  • Financial analysis of energy efficient measure options to help with decision making in design
  • A more comfortable and energy efficient environment for employees and customers
  • Financial incentives that help to offset cost for installing the recommended improvements

Some of the available measures include:

  • High performance interior lighting designs
  • Efficient chillers, air-source heat pumps, and other cooling equipment
  • Efficient HVAC system controls
  • Demand Controlled Ventilation
  • LED exterior lighting
  • Plug load management systems
  • Chiller Controls

View the Rebate Measures Chart.

Participation is Easy

Get started with these steps:

  • Search and contact a local design firm.
  • Complete and submit the Customer Eligibility Form (coming soon) to verify your eligibility for program participation.
  • Program representatives will work with your design team to determine which energy improvement measures options should be considered for your new building. You will receive a customized Design Recommendations Report outlining the recommendations along with estimated energy savings and potential rebate funding.
  • Install qualifying energy efficiency measures as part of your new building.
  • Have your contractor or design firm submit the rebate packet on your behalf.
  • Program representatives will conduct an on-site inspection to verify final project details. You will receive a Project Verification report detailing your final savings and rebate.

Note: By participating in this program, you are signifying your agreement to the Terms and Conditions  of the program.

For additional information, review the frequently asked questions below, or contact us at 888-366-8280.

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