Telecommunications & Collocation

Let Dominion Energy help provide your Wireless Solution. We can help companies gain a competitive advantage through collocation on our facilities. We currently own and operate approximately 6,100 miles of transmission lines, with 40,000 structures, 900 substations, and 900 transmission and distribution substations.

More than 100 telecommunications structures are available for lease in portions of Virginia, North Carolina and West Virginia. Transmission structures are also offered for co-locations, and installation of mono-poles is allowed at substation facilities where room exists.

Benefits of Using Dominion Energy:

  • Our goals are customer focused, with high quality and integrity.
  • Our Standard Master License provides a comprehensive application process for leasing sites. It includes a single point of contact so we can focus on each customer individually.
  • Our highly-skilled employees provide performance-driven results in meeting deployment schedules and minimizing outages.

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Transmission Facilities

We have developed a Master Agreement for third parties interested in collocating wireless communications equipment on our transmission facilities. This includes the following types of installations:

  • Powermount Systems,
  • Customized mounting brackets,
  • Construction of monopoles, and
  • Rebuilding of facilities for additional loading requirements.

The Lessee and Dominion Energy also will coordinate a field survey, during which the actual locations satisfying the Lessee's and Dominion Energy's requirements will be identified. A review of alternative locations that may exist in the targeted area will be conducted if necessary. In addition, as appropriate to the location and the nature of the structure, issues such as equipment cabinet locations, feed-line routes, proposed height and configuration of antenna system, AC power service, grounding, and site access and safety may be addressed.


Our substations provide raw land for building new monopoles and are located throughout our service territory. New mono-poles can usually be placed outside the substation electrical compound providing ease of access to your equipment. In most cases, Dominion Energy is the owner of the substation property which eliminates the need for obtaining third party approvals for ground space.

Collocation Application Process

Collocation Application Process