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Dominion Energy does not warrant the accuracy, sufficiency or completeness of grid maps for any purpose or to any person or entity. Dominion Energy does not intend or expect that any person or entity will rely on grid maps for any purpose. Any such prohibited reliance on such grid map will be at the sole and assumed risk of the person or entity improperly relying on the grid map, who shall, further, be deemed to agree to hold Dominion Energy harmless and indemnify Dominion Energy from and against any and all liability in connection with such prohibited reliance on such grid map.

Dominion Energy also alerts and reminds all persons or entities receiving or reviewing grid maps that all persons or entities must follow the requirements of:

These state laws set forth important requirements for safely working around underground or overhead electrical lines. By providing grid maps, Dominion Energy does not and cannot alter the requirements of these state laws. These state laws must be strictly observed in order to safely work around underground or overhead electric lines.

Allow five working days for a response to your request. Dominion Energy reserves the right to deny any request.