Solar Partnership Program

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Solar Partnership Projects in the News

Western Branch High School - Dominion Energy Virginia recently installed more than 3,000 solar panels on the rooftop of Western Branch High School in Chesapeake, Virginia. The 800 kW (ac) system is capable of generating enough electricity at peak sunlight for about 200 homes and is currently the largest single rooftop solar installation in the Commonwealth. View a video of the dedication ceremony held April 27, 2016.

Getting Started

The Solar Partnership Program is a multi-year pilot program designed to expand Dominion Energy’s understanding of community-based solar energy by studying its impact and assessing its benefits while supporting and encouraging solar energy growth in Virginia.

How It Works

Under the Solar Partnership Program, Dominion Energy is authorized to construct and operate up to 30-megawatts of company-owned solar facilities on leased rooftops or on the grounds of commercial businesses and public properties throughout our Virginia service area. Fully implemented, the program would generate enough power for up to 7,500 homes. Each installation could generate as much as 2-megawatts of electricity.

Preferred locations are large, flat rooftops on secure commercial facilities with close proximity to existing Dominion Energy infrastructure.

We will be responsible for determining which sites are best suited for the program using a variety of selection criteria.

Dominion Energy will consider:

  • Roof age and remaining life
  • Roof composition and condition
  • Roof warranty provisions
  • Structural analysis
  • Space availability
  • Adequate sun intensity for solar generation

Learn more by visiting the program’s FAQs.