Schedule RF

Schedule RF

Schedule RF is a voluntary program for non-residential customers interested in purchasing renewable energy attributes, including Renewable energy Certificates (RECs), from a  newly constructed renewable energy facility owned by Dominion Energy Virginia, or such attributes from a renewable energy facility for which Dominion Energy Virginia has contracted pursuant to an approved power purchase agreement (PPA), in an amount up to 100% of their energy needs. 

This program is available to commercial and industrial customers. Eligible customers include direct retail customers of Dominion Energy Virginia as well as assigned affiliates, subsidiaries, or tenants of direct retail customers. Customers must agree to purchase the renewable attributes from a Dominion Energy renewable generation facility. 

In the program, Dominion Energy Virginia and the customer enter into a contractual  Renewable Facilities Agreement whereby Dominion Energy Virginia builds a renewable energy facility, or contracts for the energy, capacity and environmental attributes of a renewable energy facility through an approved PPA with a third party, and the customer purchases the facility's associated renewable attributes.  The retail customers of Dominion Energy Virginia benefit from the energy produced by the facility and the participating Schedule RF customer benefits from the renewable attributes produced by the facility.   

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a participating customer request a certain type of renewable generation resource?
Yes, as long as it meets the definition of “renewable energy” under Va. Code 56-576 and is an available facility for Schedule RF.

How long will the program be available?
The program was approved in 2018, modified to include more eligible customers in 2019 and is available until May 2023. 

Is there a minimum purchase amount?
Yes, in the Renewable Facility Agreement, a customer must commit to  purchase a minimum of 2,000 Environmental Attributes.

Is a billing account required to participate?
No, a customer with a Company-assigned electric service account number, a Qualifying Account, may assign a Delegate (i.e. a subsidiary, a tenant) to execute the Renewable Facility Agreement and have the Delegate billed separately. 

Is the participating customer buying the renewable energy from the facility?
No, the participating customer is purchasing the Renewable and Environmental  Attributes created by the facility.  The energy produced benefits the  Dominion Energy Virginia customers.  A customer interested in purchasing renewable energy and attributes may be interested in exploring the Schedule RG offering.  

What are the benefits to the participating Schedule RF customer?
Schedule RF provides corporate customers the opportunity to support the development of new dedicated renewable generation facilities in Virginia while contributing toward achievement of their company’s sustainability goals.  The environmental attributes from the newly constructed renewable energy facility will be connected to the same grid that provides electrical service to the customer.