Dominion Energy Green Power Rewards for Businesses

Are you looking to attract a new kind of customer?

Across the United States, more than 1.9 million utility customers choose to match their energy use with green power. In Virginia alone, over 25,000 residential Dominion Energy Virginia customers do the same through the Dominion Energy Green Power program.

We want to connect your business with these likeminded consumers. That’s why we’re introducing Dominion Energy Green Power Rewards!

How does it work?

Dominion Energy Green Power Rewards are available exclusively to program participants. Using the rewards card, customers are entitled to various discounts and special offers at participating green businesses across Virginia.

  1. Choose to become a Dominion Energy Green Power Rewards Business.
  2. Download an agreement form.
  3. Determine what special offer you’d like to have, then sign the form and email it to us.
  4. Your business name, location, and website will be listed on our program webpage alongside your special offer! Being on this list identifies you both as a program participant, and as a business partner.
  5. We’ll send you a window cling that you can place in your window to make customers aware of your green power status.
  6. Enjoy the benefits!

If you would like to limit your offer to a one time use, we encourage you to track the individual customer codes to protect against multiple redemption of offers.

Discounts and offers may be changed by the merchants at any time, though Dominion Energy Green Power does require prior notification of a change.

What does this mean for your business?

Participating in a rewards program like Dominion Energy Green Power Rewards will enable you to connect with the green-minded customer.

Surveys consistently show that more than half of consumers consider green business practices an important factor in their buying decisions. Increasingly, customers want to know that their dollars are supporting businesses with values similar to their own.

Green businesses are often seen as thought leaders - enjoying increased customer loyalty, happier employees, and stronger brand recognition.

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