Fort Story

Joint Expeditionary Base East (formerly known as Fort Story as a sub-installation of Fort Eustis), is now a sub-installation of the United States Navy and Little Creek Amphibious Base. Its general location is in the independent city of Virginia Beach, Virginia at Cape Henry. It offers a unique combination of features including dunes, beaches, sand, surf, deep-water anchorage, variable tide conditions, maritime forest and open land. The base is the prime location and training environment for both Army amphibious operations and Joint Logistics-Over-the-Shore (LOTS) training events.

Fort-StoryFort Story is on the site of three historical landmarks: the Cape Henry Lighthouse built in 1791, the First Landing Cross which memorializes the landing of English settlers in 1607, and the Admiral de Grasse statue honoring the French Fleet which prevented the British from reaching Yorktown. It became a military installation in 1914.

  • Date privatized - June 2004
  • Size - roughly 1,451 acres
  • Miles of line - 16 miles, 10 overhead and 6 underground
  • Number of facilities served by the systems we operate - 553
  • Total dollar value of projects completed since inception - $8,079,000
  • Number of people supported - There are approximately 2,300 permanently stationed Army, Navy and Marine Corps personnel, 290 civilians and 1,290 family members. In addition, Fort Story supports a large retired population.