Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls FAQs

The Virginia State Corporate Commission approval period for this program is expiring. If your project contains LED measures or has an estimated rebate amount of $10,000 or more, an initial assessment must have been submitted by October 26, 2018 and received approval before any work can be initiated. In no case will projects be rebated without a confirmation from Honeywell.

To be eligible for a rebate, all projects must be completed with a participating contractor by December 28, 2018 with rebate applications submitted online or postmarked by February 11, 2019. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure all rebate requirements are met for the rebate to be successfully processed. For questions, please call 1-888-366-8280.

Program Overview

What is the Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls program?

The Non-residential Lighting Systems & Controls program provides incentives for upgrading existing or installing new energy efficient lighting and lighting controls such as occupancy sensors.  Customers can receive rebates for installing qualifying energy efficient lighting in non-residential facilities.

What lighting technologies are eligible for incentives?

Refer to the rebate chart. Dominion Energy typically requires lighting to be UL-listed and DLC rated, if applicable. Fixtures and lamps must be ENERGY STAR® and/or DLC listed, but having this certification does not automatically mean that the lighting products qualify for the program incentive.

Do I have to use a contractor listed on the search site to perform the work?

Yes. Only qualified installations performed by a contractor participating in Dominion Energy’s Contractor Network will be eligible for incentives.

Participation and Eligibility

Why should I participate?

Energy efficient lighting offers many benefits including:

  • Reducing energy use and saving you money on electric bills.
  • Providing a more comfortable working environment for employees.
  • Creating a more appealing atmosphere for customers.

What are the steps to participate?

  • Contact a local, participating contractor (here's a list).
  • Install qualifying energy efficient lighting systems and/or controls.
  • Have your contractor submit a rebate application on your behalf. Applications must be submitted within 45 days of completed work.

Will it cost me anything to participate?

The participating contractor you choose to complete your lighting project will provide the cost for installing your selected lighting and/or controls. Upon completion of the work, a rebate will be submitted on your behalf, so your out-of-pocket cost will vary depending upon the rebate you receive for the lighting installed. Rebates must be submitted within 45 days of completed work.

Who is eligible to participate?

This program is open to Dominion Energy Virginia and Dominion Energy North Carolina business customers who have not opted out of participation. Customers must be responsible for their own electric bill and either be the owner of the building, or be able to secure permission from the building owner to have the audit conducted and identified improvements completed. Customers with both electric and gas equipment are eligible to receive rebates on some of the suggested improvements. Dominion Energy Virginia business customers who have a demand greater than 10 megawatts are not eligible to participate.

If I don’t own the building, can I still participate?

Yes. If you are responsible for the electric bill and are either the owner of the building or reasonably able to secure permission from the building owner to complete the lighting project, you may participate.

Can I participate in this program and then choose to Opt Out shortly thereafter?

No. If you participate in a program and receive a rebate, you cannot Opt Out for three years following the year of participation

Rebate Information

What is the rebate amount that I can expect to earn with the Non-residential Lighting Systems & Controls program?

Refer to the rebate chart. All projects with an estimated rebate amount of $10,000 or more require an initial assessment before the work can be initiated.

Does Dominion Energy offer reservations for rebate funding as part of the Non-Residential Lighting Systems & Controls program?

Yes. Rebate funding for future projects can be reserved for up to 6 months. Extensions may be offered if sufficient information about the project is provided.

When will I receive my rebate?

Please allow up to 90 days from the date all required information is received to process your rebate. Payment will be issued to the account holder and mailing address on record with Dominion Energy - unless the customer has authorized the rebate to be paid to the contractor. It is the responsibility of the customer to assure that all requirements for the rebate are met. Failure to provide any of the required information will delay processing of your application and could result in non-payment.

How can I check the status of my rebate?

Upon submission of your rebate, an email will be sent to the email address provided on the rebate form confirming the rebate has been submitted for processing. You may also call 888-366-8280 to check on the status of your rebate.

What if I have additional questions?

Contact us at 888-366-8280.