West Creek Business Park

Site Specifications

County: Goochland County

Site Size: 119 Acres

Served by Dominion Energy Virginia
34.5kV just off site
230 kv transmission lines available for large capacity needs

Water: Goochland County/Tuckahoe Creek Service Authority, 24” and 16” water main on site

Sewer: Goochland County/Tuckahoe Creek Service Authority, 12” line planned

Telecom: Verizon, Comcast, and Level3

Zoning: Mixed Use, Data Center appropriate

Airports: Distance to Richmond International Airport:  29 miles
Distance to Chesterfield County Airport: 18 miles
Site is not in flight line for any airports

Road: Site is adjacent to Route 288, approximately 4 miles south of Interstate 64

Rail: Rail is approximately 14 miles east of the site