Site Certification Process

  • Stringent requirements
  • Third-party engineering verification

Dominion Energy starts by working with its state and local economic development partners to identify potential data center sites within its 25,000-square-mile service area that encompasses Northern Virginia, Central, Eastern and Southside Virginia. One of the primary considerations initially is close proximity to electrical transmission lines and substations since data centers require significant amounts of reliable power for cooling, servers and other components.

Access to multiple fiber networks and high volume water and sewer capacity is also considered at this early stage. With initial sites identified on a preliminary basis, a stringent and detailed field analysis is performed by Dominion Energy’s third-party engineering partner, Timmons Group.

More than thirty specific factors, ranging from topography and geology to available fiber, utilities, transportation networks and various risk factors such as flooding and storms, are carefully identified and analyzed. Among these are:

  • Available acreage and zoning
  • Potential environmental issues
  • Cultural resources
  • Various geotechnical factors
  • Height or other restrictions
  • Fiber and utilities availability and capacity
  • Nearby potential hazards and other risk factors