Why Choose Dominion Energy?

Lower total cost of ownership.

At only 6%, Virginia’s corporate tax rate is among the lowest in the nation (and has not been raised in over 30 years).

No sales tax. Virginia allows for an exemption of sales and use  tax for eligible data center owners and their tenants on qualified data center equipment (including servers, routers, connections, chillers and backup generation, $150 million capital investment and 50 new jobs).

Favorable interconnect policy.

Four years of revenue (calculated off projected load) are applied to offset construction costs.

Power that works harder (and smarter).

We believe the ideal infrastructure combines strength and intelligence. Our high-voltage delivery system is designed to accommodate large blocks of load quickly and efficiently.

Half of the United States' Internet traffic runs through our backyard.

Dominion Energy has a proven record of exceeding expectations in the data center industry. You’ll benefit directly from that expertise.

Power That Delivers