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Procedures, Agreements and Resources


It is important for the property owner near Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake to remember that Dominion Energy owns property between the lake and privately owned property. Dominion Energy has developed the procedures and plans referenced below to allow private and public access to the lake across and on its property. However, before any work or modifications can be made to Dominion Energy’s property, permission must be obtained in the form of a Construction and Use License Agreement.

In regulating the company's property, the company may allow an adjacent property owner to construct upon or use the company's property, provided the owner enters into a Construction and Use License Agreement with company and complies with these procedures.

Dominion Energy charges a fee to cover its costs related to administration of these procedures and the Shoreline Management Plan.

There are numerous contractors and developers around the Roanoke Rapids Lake and Lake Gaston area that participate in an annual training on the Construction and Use Procedures. Please contact our office at 252-535-6161 to obtain a list of the contractors that have attended the most recent training. Also, review our information on shoreline stabilization and restoration design. (Disclaimer: Dominion Energy suggests, but does not endorse, external companies, products and/or services referenced in this document.)

Note: This information is presented for your information only. To obtain a Construction & Use Agreement application package, please contact Dominion Energy North Carolina (refer to contact information in the procedures).

Shoreline Management Plan

Dominion Energy consulted with representatives from local, state and federal governmental authorities and the surrounding communities to develop the Shoreline Management Plan (SMP). The intent of the plan is to give guidance to Dominion Energy for managing all aspects of Lake Gaston and Roanoke Rapids Lake shorelines.

The Construction and Use Procedures are actually an appendix to the SMP. The SMP is the guiding document for shoreline classification, management practices as well as a document that identifies plant and animal life within the lake management area. Here is the plan and related maps using the following links:

Note: The maps are high-resolution and can be enlarged using Adobe Acrobat to view the desired detail.

Special Management Areas

Special management areas are addressed specifically in the Shoreline Management Plan and the Construction and Use procedures. Refer to those sections above for regulations concerning development in areas classified as such. Note that the special management area maps that are available below denote specific areas determined by the NC Wildlife Resources Commission and Dominion Energy in 1997. Dominion Energy may in the future classify areas not platted and recorded prior to 1998 as special management areas and therefore may not be represented on the maps. The following is an excerpt from the Shoreline Management Plan, Section 5:

"Special Management Areas are shorelines that have high ecological or cultural resource values. They comprise 40 percent of the project boundary at Lake Gaston and 69 percent at Roanoke Rapids Lake (Table 5-1). The locations of these Special Management Areas were based upon the Ecologically Sensitive Areas that were identified in the field by Dominion Energy and NCWRC biologists. The Ecologically Sensitive Areas are described in Appendix D and in Section 3.6. The resource values that occur in the Special Management Areas are attributed to the Ecologically Sensitive Areas. The Special Management Areas include fish spawning areas, shoreline with overhanging vegetation, shoreline and underwater (stumps, etc.) structures that provide fish habitat, beach areas that are used by striped bass, wetlands, shallow areas, water willow beds, and upland areas that provide large buffers and wildlife habitat between adjacent property owners and the lakes. Shorelines that have high cultural resource values occur on both lakes. They are less common than areas with high ecological values and have not been identified specifically as cultural resource areas in order to protect the resources.

"Special Management Areas have been further divided into three sub-classifications, Limited Use Areas, Sensitive Areas and Undevelopable Areas. Limited Use Areas are Special Management Areas that are adjacent to lands that were platted by the surrounding five counties as of May 31, 1998. These shorelines are platted but were identified in the field during 1996 and 1997 as still having high ecological or cultural resource values. Sensitive Areas are located adjacent to upland areas (beyond Dominion Energy shoreline property) that could potentially be developed in the future, but are not currently developed.

"Undevelopable Areas are Sensitive Areas that are located adjacent to upland areas where it is very unlikely development would occur due to factors such as steep topography, shallow water (at the ends of creeks) or conservation-oriented adjacent land uses. It is assumed that in the future there will be little or no demand for shoreline development from upland property owners adjacent to Undevelopable Areas.

"Of the 187 miles of project boundary at Lake Gaston that have been classified as Special Management Area, 22 miles (12 percent) have been designated as Limited Use Area, 63 miles (33 percent) as Sensitive Area, and 103 miles (55 percent) as Undevelopable. At Roanoke Rapids Lake, 6 miles (25 percent) of the Special Management Area shoreline (23 miles total) has been identified as Limited Use Area and 18 miles (75 percent) as Sensitive Shoreline Area. No Undevelopable Areas were identified."

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