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Professional measurement and analytical services for the oil and gas industry.

Partnering with customers to bring quality, efficiency and cost-saving solutions.

Getting a job done safely and correctly is our standard practice.

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Available Services

  • Laboratory and On-Site Analytical Services for gas and liquid Hydrocarbons (C9 or extended with BTEX), Sulfur speciation, and Hydrocarbon Physical Properties such as Vapor Pressure testing and many more.
  • On-Site Analytical Services provide an on-demand experience that sets us apart to safely complete the tasks we perform. This eases the load for your personnel to fulfill their essential assignments.
  • Measurement Services include EFM calibration & Installations, liquid meter proving and repair as well as meter and equipment sales.
  • Inspection And Witnessing Services are certified above ground storage tank inspections, chromatograph audit services. We also witness gas meter calibrations, oil meter prove and grindouts and analytical sampling.

History & Experience

Dominion Energy Questar Corporation has been proudly serving the oil and gas industry for nearly 100 years. The Energy Services measurement division began in the mid '90's from a need within the company for measurement and analytical services.

Other local companies requested these services soon after they learned of our measurement division and our growth began. Today we provide professional analytical and measurement services for dozens of producers throughout the Midwest.

What Sets Us Apart

  • We are the pioneers of micro-chromatography in our industry. As the first measurement company to use mobile chromatography for dry hydrocarbon analysis, we have the knowledge and experience to produce instant and accurate results.
  • With over 100 years of combined experience in our division, we aren't new to the game. We understand what it takes to keep the machine that is your business running effectively.
  • We treat your business like our own. More than that, we value integrity as a guide to the way we conduct ourselves as a business.
  • We have talent. Our team brings valuable experience from different industries that make us more versatile and knowledgeable as a whole.

Memberships and Affiliations

Analytical & Measurement Services

With all of our services, the customer's convenience is always first. That's why we created GASIWEB. This records management system enables efficiency by making our results and reports available online in multiple user defined formats.

This unique service lets your team be more efficient by making your data available on demand for your projects. Here's the condensed list of services we offer.

Laboratory Analytical Services

  • Liquid hydrocarbon analysis, GPA 2186 (with BTEX)
  • NGL hydrocarbon analysis, GPA 2177
  • Gas hydrocarbon analysis, GPA 2286 (with BTEX)
  • Sulfur Speciation in hydrocarbons by SCD, ASTM 5623/5504
  • H2S by Chromatography
  • Vapor Pressure of Crude Oil, various ASTM methods
  • Oil field water analysis, API practice 45
  • API Gravity of crude oil, ASTM D-287
  • Flashpoint, ASTM D6450, ASTM D7094
  • Copper Strip Corrosion, ASTM D-130
  • Saybolt Color, ASTM D-156
  • Glycol Analysis. H2O%, pH and salt content

On-site Analytical Services

  • Vapor Pressure of crude oil
  • Natural gas analysis (C1-C9)
  • Dewpoints, water & hydrocarbon
  • Oxygen analysis
  • Sample collection

Measurement Services

  • EFM calibration & Installations
  • Coriolis & Turbine meter proving and repair
  • Meter & equipment sales

Inspection & Witnessing Services

  • Tank inspections by certified technician
  • Witness gas meter calibrations
  • Witness oil meter prove and grindouts and analytical sampling
  • Pop-off valve testing
  • Meter run inspections

For payments, credit cards are accepted.

Contact Us

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  • Dominion Energy Services
    Applied Technology Services
    1210 D Street, P.O. Box 1129
    Rock Springs, WY 82902

  • Phone: 888-777-0262
  • Fax: 307-352-7326

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