Hurricane Preparedness Tools and Resources

Emergency Kit

Now more than ever, it is important to start preparing for hurricane season early. Use these tools and resources to ensure that your family is ready for severe weather.

Emergency Kit Scavenger Hunt

This activity will help you gather emergency kit supplies you already have in your home. Once you complete the scavenger hunt, make a list of what you still need to complete your kit to help you cut down on extra trips to the store. Descargue la búsqueda de tesoro del kit de emergencia en español.

Family Disaster Plan

Start developing your family’s disaster plan now. Fill out this template from the American Red Cross to develop your plan of action and identify responsibilities for each member of your household. Once your plan is developed, practice as many elements as possible to ensure your family is ready when severe weather hits. Descargue el documento de planificación familiar para desastres en español.

You can also use the American Red Cross Emergency App to keep your family safe during severe weather.

Hurricane Season Outlook

Watch this video from our senior meteorologist, Jeff Mock, on what to expect during the 2020 hurricane season. 

Ready Wrigley Hurricane Preparedness Workbook

Child with coloring book

Parents can download this workbook from the Centers for Disease Control filled with activities that will help children prepare for hurricane season. Descargue el libro de preparación para huracanes para niños en español.

What We're Doing to Prepare

We’re always working hard to ensure we’re ready for severe weather. From our utilizing new technologies such as drones to updating our protocols to be consistent with social distancing guidelines, our goal remains the same — providing safe and reliable energy to our customers.