Step 3 - Monitor My Electric Usage

The amount of electricity you use in a month may surprise you.

Knowledge is power. Your bill goes up or down each month based on how much power you use. That’s why understanding your electric usage can help you save money. You can learn how much power you use when you’re home or away, how outside temperatures affect your bill, and what times of year your usage goes up and down. Then you can change habits to save money. There are several ways you can monitor your electric usage.

Manage your account online. Take more control over your electric usage and payments. By signing up for online account management, you can access your account and pay your bill with your PC, smartphone, or tablet. You can view charts of your monthly usage and compare it to previous months or years without having to read a meter. Also, you can start/stop/transfer your electric service online.

Energy-saving calculators. What is consuming the most energy - and the most dollars - in your home? Use one of our online energy-saving calculators to help you understand where you're using the most electricity in your house.

Learn to read your meter. There are several types of electric meters, and you can learn to read them. Read the meter weekly to understand how much power you are using and to compare with the reading on your bill.

Stay updated about rate changes. Your bill can also be affected by changes in fuel costs. Stay informed about rates changes here. Even with occasional rate increases, the company’s electric rates remain below state, regional and national averages.

Step 4 - Take Control of My Bill