Step 1 - Conserve Energy

Develop good habits that save money.

Learn how to save in every room of your home. You can lower your home electric use while still enjoying a comfortable lifestyle. Save energy, money, and help protect the environment: watch this room-by-room video from Energy Star – or take an interactive tour. You can develop money-saving habits like closing the blinds, switching off lights, and other easy steps that add up to big savings. Check out these Dominion Energy tips for saving during warm weather and cool weather.

Don’t pay for electricity you aren’t using. Did you know that it costs you money to keep your TV plugged in, even when you don’t have it on? The U.S. Department of Energy estimates that home electronics (TVs, DVD players, computers, and others) that are plugged in while not in use can add up to 10 percent of your electric bill - for most American households, that’s about $200 a year. A simple solution is to use power strips. Plug your TV, DVD player, and internet streaming device into one power strip; when you’re done watching TV, just flip the power strip to ‘OFF’ and save money.

Lower your water heater thermostat. Your water heater is the third most costly energy consumer in your home – making up approximately 14 percent of your electricity costs. Lower your water heater to the optimal temperature of 120 – 125 degrees, and you could save $24 - $60 a year ( Learn how.

Seal wasteful air leaks. Don’t let your energy dollars slip through the cracks. Seal up gaps around vents, doors, windows, attics, and other areas in your home. A tube of caulk only costs a few dollars and can save you big bucks over time. View more seasonal tips and Energy Conservation programs.

Step 2 - Invest in Saving Energy and Money