Energy Saving Tips in Your Yard and Home's Exterior

Make a few changes in your yard and to the exterior of your home and save money.


  • Plant trees. Deciduous trees like oak, maple, sycamore, gum, ash and dogwood lose their leaves in winter, letting the sun warm your home. In summer, their leaves shade your home. Plant these shade trees to the south since that side gets the most sun. Plant evergreens in a staggered or double line to the northwest of your home to block wind.
  • Plant small foundation plants to minimize the loss of cool air from the house in summer and to provide wind protection in winter.
  • Keep your grass green and lush to help keep your yard cool.
  • Use solar-powered accent lighting.
  • Use electric mowers and trimmers.
  • If you have a small yard, try a reel mower instead of one that runs on gas.

Exterior of Your Home

  • Install storm and/or energy-efficient replacement windows.
  • Apply weather stripping around the outside of window air conditioners and also cover them on the inside to block drafts. 
  • Cover bare ground beneath your home with a vapor barrier, such as a polyethylene sheet, to keep moisture from getting into your home.
  • If you have a crawlspace, open foundation vents each spring and close them each fall.
  • When replacing your roof, use roofing materials with reflective coatings or choose light-colored roofing to reduce heat absorption.