EV + Home Pricing Plan

Getting Started

The EV + Home Pricing Plan is designed for customers who want to take advantage of lower prices for all household appliances and activities by charging during off-peak hours. Enrollment closed September 1, 2016.

How It Works

  • Your current meter will be exchanged at no charge. The new meter will be one that records energy usage in 30-minute intervals, allowing us to apply the pricing based on the time of day.
  • This is a whole-house pricing plan. Your EV should be viewed as another appliance, and all appliance usage within the home should be used off-peak as much as possible.
  • Your monthly bill will include usage and consumption during each pricing period.
  • Your electrician may recommend additional changes to your existing electrical set up. In this case, you should anticipate incurring costs from an electrician for this service. 
  • Perform activities, like recharging your EV, off-peak to help manage energy costs.

Additional Information