Green Power Districts

The Dominion Energy Green Power Districts designation recognizes green communities throughout Virginia. When a majority of businesses and residents within a given zip code or neighborhood participate in the Dominion Energy Green Power program, we designate it an official Green Power District!

Being a Green Power District helps distinguish your community, and identifies it as a center of environmental support. If one participant can support the equivalent of taking one car off the road for a year, imagine what your entire neighborhood can do!

To help communities earn the Green Power Districts title, our team works with local businesses and neighborhood associations to get the word out.

Current Campaigns

  • Bellevue, Richmond
  • The Fan, Richmond
  • Riverside, Richmond
  • Church Hill, Richmond

Upcoming Campaigns

  • Ghent, Norfolk

Become a Champion!
Want your community recognized on this list? Start the movement now by contacting your local neighborhood association and getting in touch with the Dominion Energy Green Power Team.