Solar Purchase Program

About the Program

The Solar Purchase Program is a pilot program designed to help eligible Virginia customers cover the cost of adding solar generation to their property. Participating customers install and own the solar generation system, but sell the electricity and solar Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) back to Dominion Energy at a premium rate of 15 cents per kilowatt-hour. Participating customers purchase all of the electricity for their home or business from the company on their current rate schedule. The solar RECs purchased in conjunction with this program will be retired by Dominion Energy through the Dominion Energy Green Power® program.

Program Status

The pilot program was available for customers to enroll for a five-year period. Reservations were accepted through June 30, 2018.

On Friday, June 8, 2018, the Company requested Virginia State Corporation Commission approval to allow the agreements between participating Solar Purchase customers and Dominion Energy to continue renewing annually after the initial five-year period until either party gives written notice of termination. Energy purchased during the renewal term will continue to be purchased at 15 cents per kilowatt hour. SCC approval for this request is pending and the results will be communicated with customers.

If the program is not renewed, customers will be notified and given the option to move to another program (net metering or other future options) or go back to their regular residential or commercial rate.