Virginia Community Solar Pilot

Solar panelsDominion Energy Virginia is pleased to announce we will offer the Virginia Community Solar Pilot in 2019.This exciting new renewable energy program provides another avenue for our valued customers to achieve their sustainability goals and add more solar power to Virginia’s grid.

Program Development Status

On September 11, 2018, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) approved the Virginia Community Solar Pilot. The pilot program application and other procedural information are available on the SCC’s website under Case Number PUR-2018-00009.

Dominion Energy Virginia is currently continuing program development. This includes executing power purchase agreements with participating solar facilities, developing customer communications, and enhancing the systems required to subscribe customers in the pilot program.

Customer subscription will be available by early March 2019. Interested customers are encouraged to sign up for email updates using the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Virginia Community Solar Pilot Program?
A voluntary, premium program allowing Dominion Energy Virginia customers the opportunity to purchase energy from new solar facilities located in communities throughout Dominion Energy Virginia’s service territory.

How did it come about?
Providing our customers with more options, along with enabling legislation, Senate Bill 1393 (2017), were the driving factors in developing this program. We received direct feedback that our customers want more renewables on the grid and options to select their energy generation sources.

When will the program be offered to customers?
Customer subscriptions will likely be available in early 2019.

Who is eligible to participate?
The program is open to Dominion Energy Virginia residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Customers receiving temporary service are not eligible.

How much does it cost?
The cost is an additional 2.01 cents ($0.0201) per kilowatt-hour. A typical customer using 1000 kwh would pay approximately $20 extra per month at the 100% option.

Residential and commercial customers under 500 kW will have the option to subscribe to 100 kilowatt-hour blocks (max of five blocks) or subscribe to an amount that matches 100% of their monthly electricity use.

Non-residential customers over 500kW are limited to ten blocks (1,000) kWh.

Is the solar energy delivered directly to my home or business?
No, nothing will change about how electricity is delivered to your home or business.

If you want to receive the energy generated by a specific solar facility, you would need to install solar panels at your home or business. For many customers, installing solar at their home or business is not feasible due to location, cost or other considerations. This program is Dominion Energy’s latest offering to provide customers an avenue to support renewable energy in Virginia.

Where are the solar facilities located?
The five participating solar facilities are currently under development. The facilities are third-party owned and located in communities throughout Virginia. Additional information will be available in the near future about the participating solar facilities.

How do I subscribe?
You can sign up to get updates from Dominion Energy and be notified when subscriptions are available.