Agricultural Net Metering

Agricultural Net Metering, a sub-set of Traditional Net Metering, provides qualifying Virginia customers with the opportunity to offset energy costs by generating their own renewable energy on site while aggregating their usage at multiple meter locations.

To participate, customers must first qualify as an “Agricultural Business” which is defined as “any sole proprietorship, corporation, partnership, electing small business (Subchapter S) corporation, or limited liability company engaged primarily in the production and sale of plants and animals, products collected from plants and animals, or plants and animal services useful to the public” in the Virginia State Corporation Commission order.

Benefits of Net Metering

Customers with renewable energy generation on their property, who sign up for this program will benefit from:

  • Producing electricity - You are taking an active role in producing emission-free, renewable electricity for your agricultural business, and whatever you don’t use goes back onto the grid.
  • Credit for excess generation - When you generate surplus electricity, you will receive credit for energy generated and delivered on the grid.

Eligible Energy Sources

Several types of renewable energy are potentially eligible for net metering:

  • Solar energy (photovoltaic)
  • Wind energy
  • Biomass (landfill gas or methane)
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Waste heat
  • Geothermal energy
  • Or any other renewable generation that meets state guidelines.

Maximum renewable generator sizes:

  • VA Residential - 20 kW
  • VA Non-Residential - 500 kW

How to Apply for Net Metering

Step 1:  Fill out the Net Metering Interconnection Notification form in its entirety.

Step 2:  Scan your Notification form, complete with the required signatures and any supporting documentation, and send by email

Or, by US mail to:

Dominion Energy Virginia
Net Metering
One James River Plaza, 18th Floor
P.O. Box 26666
Richmond, VA  23261-6666

Step 3:  A Dominion Energy representative will contact you and confirm receipt of the Agricultural Net Metering Interconnection Notification form.

Step 4:  Your documentation will be forwarded to our System Protection and Metering groups for review and processing. Once interconnection approval has been granted, a meter exchange will be initiated, and a new meter that is capable of net metering will be installed at your facility location. Once the new meter has been installed, notification and approval to interconnect will be provided.

Additional Information