Energy Choice

Electricity Reregulation in Virginia - the 2007 General Assembly passed legislation, S.B. 1416 and H.B. 3068, which re-established retail rate regulation. (Details provided below.)

Effective January 1, 2009, electricity customers with annual demands more than five megawatts will continue to have the option to shop for competitive electricity supply, as well as two or more nonresidential retail customers that aggregate to reach five megawatts of load to become qualified to purchase electric energy from a Competitive Service Provider and petition, and receive approval from, the Virginia State Corporation Commission. In addition, individual retail customers regardless of customer class may purchase Electricity Supply Service provided 100 percent from renewable energy from a Competitive Service Provider if the Company does not offer an approved tariff for electric energy provided 100 percent from renewable energy.

Details About Energy Choice

Visit the Virginia State Corporation Commission’s Competitive Service Provider/Aggregator Web site, or call us at 866-366-4357.

Eligible Customer List Updates

Opt In/Out

The Eligible Customer List is updated once each year. Check the table below to see when the list will be updated and the last date to "opt-out" before the new list is available to suppliers.

  • The Cut-off Date for the Next List is March 22
  • The List Updates on April 15.

How do I "opt-out?"

Call 866-366-4357

Can I change my mind?

Yes. You can change your mind, or reverse a previous decision, at any time. Just remember, you must notify us before the next list is updated. You may change or reverse your previous decision by using the number listed above.