Transfer Service

Moving within our Virginia service area?

Residential Customers

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Business Customers

To transfer service at your business, call 866-366-4357.

  • Customer service is available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.
  • Outside the United States: 001-757-857-2112.
  • An automated response system is available 24 hours a day to report a power outage or electrical emergency (such as downed power lines), and check restoration updates.

Tips For Transferring Service


A connection charge of $14.10 is required to transfer your electric service. This charge will appear on your first bill.  

Meter accessibility

Our personnel will need access to the meter. Be sure the meter is not obstructed by fences, trees/shrubs, buildings, animals, etc. If the meter isn't accessible, an adult will need to be at your residence on the day of your service connection to provide access.

Turn off appliances and circuit breakers

For safety reasons, we recommend all appliances/equipment be turned off which are not desired to be energized when power is connected. We may also require all circuit breakers or fuses, including the main, to be in the "off" position before service can be connected. Specific instructions are provided during the service request.

Circuit breakers are switch devices in the electric service panel that cut off the flow of current when a circuit becomes overloaded. If your service panel has fuses, you will need to unscrew them. The electric service panel is normally located in your garage, utility room or kitchen. If you're renting and can't locate the panel, contact the owner of the property for help.